2 John 1:8 Watch out that you do not lose what we have worked so hard to achieve. Be diligent so that you receive your full reward.

It was so sad to hear about Robin Williams taking his life. He was one of the most brilliant comedians ever. Depression and addiction snuffed out his life. I wish someone could have told him don’t give up the fight. Allen Iverson was …at one time one of the highest paid athletes but was recently seen begging for change. Addiction and gambling made him lose what he had worked so hard for.

Nobody knows how hard you had to work to achieve what you did but you. Be careful of letting people in your life who have no appreciation for your work. Surround yourself with people who add value. Avoid people who depreciate the value of your work.

John warned his disciples to watch out for people who taught that Jesus was not the son of God. There is this movement to devalue the authenticity of Jesus by teaching that he was just a good teacher or even making jest of his Holiness through parodies like Aaron McGruder’s “Black Jesus.” This sterilization of Jesus is endangering what so Many of our Holy Father’s worked so hard for.

Don’t lose what they worked hard for:

1. Don’t lose your faith. Our ancestors were beaten, lynched, and killed for worshipping Jesus. As slaves in America they risked their lives to worship the one who came to set the captives free. It was our belief in God that helped us put an end to slavery. Don’t lose your faith use your faith.

2. Don’t lose your fight. Our ancestors fought for our right as human beings. They fought for our right not to be discriminated against. They fought for our right to vote. They fought against injustice. We must continue the fight against injustice.

3. Don’t lose your freedom. Not only do we need to resist modern day slavery in the form of sex trafficking and oppression of the poor but we also need to beware of slavery to our desires. Paul told the Corinthians that “food was for the stomach but I will not be masters by anything.” We worked too hard for freedom to become slaves to money, debt, sex, drugs, or alcohol.

Dear God,

Help us not to lose what other’s and ourselves have worked so hard for. One of the steps toward sobriety is to realize that I am helpless to my addiction without the help of a Higher Power. I acknowledge that Power is Jesus! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! I will not lose what Jesus gave me. He suffered too much. He bled too much. He died. I can’t lose what he gave me. I choose to fight!

In Jesus Name,