ID-100214261Ecclesiastes 7:8 The end of something is better than its beginning. Patience is better than arrogance.

You made it! If your year was anything like mine you are probably relieved that you made it to the end. This past year was a mixed with blessings and challenges. Right here at the end it seemed like the enemy threw everything he could at me to get me discouraged and distracted. But I rejoice because I know what’s coming. What I lost and the people who walked out of my life does not compare to the blessings that are coming. There’s a time and a season for everything.

  1. You have to have the ability to celebrate the ending of one thing so you can get ready for the next thing. Thank God for the time he gave you with what you had to let go of.
  2. Then switch up your praise and thank him for what’s coming. 2016 is the year of relief! For the next seven months get ready to store up for what you are going to need for the seven months after that. My prayer for you is not only that you give more but that you will also have more to give! Genesis 41:46-49
  3. Be patient not arrogant. When the end of something takes place don’t be arrogant. Be patient. Instead of asking why did this relationship end, or why did this job end, or why did this opportunity end; ask God, “what do you want me to do next?!”

I’m so excited for us! We finished! Now greater is coming. God didn’t bring us this far to leave us. People might have left but God is still here! This is going to be your best year. It’s time to refocus on what God wants you to do instead of what has ended. If you refocus you will discover that you have everything you need to prosper even as your soul prospers. I’m giving you one more time to look back and say goodbye to what ended. You see it?! Now dry your eyes. Wash your face. Get dressed and get ready to head in a New Direction from the inside out!!

Dear God,

Thank you for taking me through and keeping me all year long! I lost some but I gained more. You have grown me up and I’m glad I’m living my life in this place! My life is blessed. My relationships are blessed. My health is blessed. My finances are blessed! What just ended in my life does not compare to what is coming my way. Give me patience to see it manifest!

In Jesus Name,

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