Acts 11:9

But the voice from heaven spoke again: ‘Do not call something unclean if God has made it clean.’

Ain’t nobody dope as me I’m so fresh and so clean, clean…these are the words of the group OutKast. It’s an infectious song that exudes the confidence of one who feels good about their current condition. Every believer ought to be able to sing this song with confidence if they have been washed in the blood of Jesus. For those of us that have plunged beneath the flood of grace and lost out guilty stain we can proclaim, “I’m so fresh and so clean!”

There will be people however that make judgement on us because of our previous condition. There will be some people who will try to eIMG_3188xempt our cleanliness because we are outliers or outcasts. But the truth of the matter is that when Jesus makes a clean we are fresh and clean, clean.

Peter had visited a gentile home which was a big ‘No No!’ Jews considered it a dirty thing to fellowship with Gentiles. God had shown Peter a vision of a sheet filled with forbidden foods according to the mosaic law. Peter refused calling them unclean. God told him that once he cleans them up they are no longer unclean. God wasn’t talking about food; he was preparing Peter for his encounter with Gentiles.

When Peter is confronted with the fact that he had eaten with unclean Gentiles he said, “Do not call anything unclean once God has cleansed it!”

We can learn three things from Peter.

1. Make sure you get a revelation from God on how to deal with people who everybody else has counted out. There are a lot of people society and the church have said are dirty that God wants to send us to. Ask God to reveal them to you.

2. Don’t be afraid to fellowship with people that God has sent you to. Jesus ate with tax collectors and was accused of being a drunkard. Jesus knew who he was sent to. He said, “I was sent to the sick and the lost. It’s the sick who need the great physician not those who think they are well. ”

3. Don’t waste your time apologizing for your mission. You can explain your revelation but don’t abandon your mission. God is sending you to reach people that are not dirty they just haven’t been enlightened with the Gospel.

I thank God that he didn’t give on me when everybody else saw the worst in me, he saw the best in me. I’m so fresh and so clean, clean!

Dear God,

Wash me and make me whole. Clean me with your word. Restore the joy of my salvation. Forgive me of my sins and in exchange I’ll go to other people who are considered dirty and teach them your word. Thank you for sending Jesus who died for my sins and his blood washed away all my guilty stains. Now I’m fresh and clean from the inside out!

In Jesus Name,