Pastor 2 Pastor Network

DSC_0048P2P Network

SLS Ministries and New Direction Christian Church formed a partnership in 2008 to launch Pastor 2 Pastor Network (P2P) with the goal of simply uniting pastors through true covenant relationships. P2P seeks to help pastors embrace ministry potential through training, meetings, conferences, and retreats. P2P is a pastoral alliance of men and women of Christian ministry with no specific denomination affiliation who desire to strengthen the Body of Christ and the community of believers.

Benefits of P2P Membership

You will have the opportunity to embrace the anointing of Dr. Stacy L. Spencer. Participate in quarterly conferences. Have access to resources for personal and ministry development. Assistance from the Senior Leadership Team concerning church issues such as finances, ministry development, and building/property acquisition.

P2P Commitment to Members

Partner with pastors and ministries in prayer and intercessory commitment. Provide access to SLS senior leadership team for advice and/or questions. Provide a broad network of other professionals that support ministry development.

Membership Requirements

Possess an understanding that the Holy Bible and the principles within the Holy Scriptures are models for Christian ministry.
Currently serve as a senior pastor or executive director capacity. Verification of pastoral certificates to network administrator.

Cost and Requirements

There are no membership fees to join Pastor 2 Pastor Network. However, members along with their pastoral staff can attend and are responsible for conference fees, materials, or retreats offered by P2P.

If you are interested in joining the Pastor 2 Pastor Network (P2P), please contact  Marketing & PR Manager, Chris Schmied at (901) 433-3871.