“I took care of you in the wilderness, in that dry and thirsty land. But when you had eaten and were satisfied, you became proud and forgot me.”

Hosea 13:5-6 NLT

Vows made in stormy weather are often forgotten on calm shores.

I saw this quote when I was returning from being out on the lake in a boat. It stuck with me because I could imagine a storm-tossed boat and the fisherman pleading with God, “If you would just get me back to shore I’ll serve you!” But after the storm is gone and the sun is shining, the man is back on land he returns to life as usual.

This parable is the story of our lives. We will cry out to God in our struggles and ignore him in our prosperity.

God speaks to Israel through the prophet Hosea when he tells them, “I took care of you in the desert!”

  1. Can you remember when God took care of you in the desert? We’ve all had wilderness experiences where we didn’t have anything but God. He kept us from paycheck to paycheck. He supplied manna when we had no groceries. He made our enemies drown in the Red Sea. You can’t find a person who doesn’t acknowledge that God was with them in the desert unless the storm is so fierce that they can’t see God. But if you talk to storm survivors some will tell you that Jesus met them in the storm and he spoke to the storm and said, “Peace be still!”
  2. God took care of us in that dry and thirsty land. God has provided all we have needed when we were short on resources. Jesus has met us at insufficient wells only to give us life giving water that springs up from the inside. God has been clutch! He always shows up in the nick of time!
  3. But when you had eaten and were satisfied you forgot about me. There are so many people that forget about God when things are going good. We don’t see any need for prayer. Church attendance is no longer necessary. Serving in ministry is an inconvenience. Tithing is a chore. Missions is missing. Praise is pointless; because in your mind God is no longer needed. How did we forget so soon?

Vows made in stormy waters are soon forgotten in calm waters. God doesn’t have to put me back in a storm for me to remember who he is in my life.  I challenge you to remember God now while things are going good in your life!

1 Remember your Creator

in the days of your youth,

before the days of trouble come

and the years approach when you will say,

“I find no pleasure in them”—

2 before the sun and the light

and the moon and the stars grow dark,

and the clouds return after the rain;

Ecclesiastes 12:1-2

Dear God,

I could never forget you. You brought me a mighty long way. I will bless you Lord at all times and your praise will continually be on my lips. Lord help us to return to you wholeheartedly. We can’t keep running in and out of your presence. Help us to be consistent in our worship, our service, our prayer, our giving, and our living. You’ve been too good to forget you in calm waters when you are the only reason we made it through the storm.

In Jesus’ Name,