John 21:8 The other disciples followed in the boat, towing the net full of fish, for they were not far from shore, about a hundred yards.

Have you ever been a place where it seems that you are so close but it seems so far? Have you ever been in that gray area where you are making money to pay some but not all? Have you been in a place where you know you should be catching fish but nothing is biting?

You are not far from your breakthrough but it sure doesn’t feel like it. It’s what the disciples felt like. They had first hand knowledge that Jesus had been raised from the dead. Jesus had walked though locked doors where they were hiding in fear to breathe the Holy Spirit upon them. But Peter and the disciple ps went back to their comfort zone of fishing.

We can go to church Sundays. Jesus can show up with the Holy Spirit to give us peace. Then we can leave there only to go back to our comfort zones wondering why we haven’t caught any fish. When Jesus shows up he asks the disciples, “Children have you caught anything?” They said, “no! Not a thing. ” he tells them to throw their net on the right side of the boat. They caught 153!

Peter threw his clothes on and jumped in the water to swim to Jesus after he recognized who he was. The other disciples stayed in the boat to drag the net full of fish to shore. They were not far from shore. It was about 100 feet.

When you are obedient in doing what Jesus tells you to that is when you experience the fullness of the possibilities around you.

1. Listen to Jesus even after you’ve been unproductive. They had been fishing all night. They could have ignored him because they didn’t recognize him at first. Don’t miss the voice of Jesus in your frustration just because you don’t recognize him in the dark.

2. Throw your nets on the right side. Some of have been fishing on the wrong side. The wrong side of the law. The wrong side of dating. The wrong side of evangelism. The thing about it is that what you have been looking for is closer than you think. You’ve just been going about it the wrong way.

3. Stay in the boat and work together. You can get more done together than you can going solo. Peter jumped out of the boat because he was impulsive but he left the fish. The other disciples brought in 153 fish because they stayed in the boat. Work together children.

Dear God,

I’m closer now than I ever was. Help me to fight through my frustration of not having anything to show for my efforts. Show me how to throw my nets on the right side. Give me an overwhelming blessing and a team that can help me bring it in. I’m too close to give up now.

In Jesus Name,