Luke 3:9 The axe has been laid to the root of the trees, and every tree that does not produce good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire.

I was driving past a vacant home in my neighborhood they are getting the house ready to sell. They were cutting tree limbs. The trees had overshot their purpose they were just blocking the view of the house rather than giving shade. The tree trimmers were cutting down some trees so the house would be more presentable.

We all have some unproductive trees. Some of them are too close to the house. If a storm comes the falling limbs could damage the roof. The roots could tear up the pipes.

There are people like that. At one time they served a great purpose but now they are taking up space. They no longer produce fruit. They just keep causing damage to the house.

Jesus said, “the ax of judgment is laid at the root and every tree that does not bear fruit will be cut down.”
1. We have to examine our trees to see if they are still productive. An unexamined life is a non-productive life.
2. Are your trees producing any fruit? Some trees become diseased and need treatment. Some need to be fertilized in order to be more fruitful. You have to inspect what you expect.
3. You need to cut it! Some trees just need to be pruned. Every tree that bears fruit must be pruned so that it will bear more fruit. Then there are some trees that are just dead and need to be cut down to make room for new trees that will produce.
Today take the time to look at the people on your team and see if they are productive. Who needs coaching? Who needs to be cut? But above all else, examine yourself first!

Dear God,

Make me like the tree in Psalm 1. I want to be like a tree firmly planted by the rivers of water yielding forth its fruit in its season. Knowing that the company I keep determines my fruitfulness. Help my roots to go down deep and my limbs to be fruitful.

In Jesus Name,