people-in-desertNumbers 10:31-32 “Please don’t leave us,” Moses pleaded. “You know the places in the wilderness where we should camp. Come, be our guide. If you do, we’ll share with you all the blessings the Lord gives us.” 

Before you set out on your journey make sure you have people with you that know what to look for. You need people on your team that are skilled in what they do. You need people who see things that you might miss and who know things you don’t know. Every successful trip needs a guide.

This morning I’m traveling to Haiti with the “Convoy of Hope” ministry. I’ve never been to Haiti before and I’m a little anxious about my first trip there but what gives me comfort is knowing that I’m traveling with people who have been there before.

Moses was traveling from Egypt to the Promised Land. He had to go through the desert or the wilderness. His Father in law was traveling with him but reached a place where he was going to go back home. Moses implored his father in law to stay with him because he knew where to set camp in the wilderness.

You need people who:

1. Know how to analyze conditions and make preparations to be comfortable in right places. Anybody can travel with you in plush places but a valuable team member is one that can help you be successful in rough spots.

2. Have the ability to spot resources in the wilderness. I love those survival shows where people are dropped in wilderness areas and have to find resources to survive. You need people on your team who are resourceful and have the ability to leverage limited resources.

3. Can guide you from the temporary and get you to the promise. Some people get sidetracked by the roughness of the wilderness but there are others who have the tenacity to get you through it.

Dear God,

Thank you for surrounding me with people who are tough, tender, and tenacious. I am confident that I will not only survive my mission but I will see your promise fulfilled. The wilderness was necessary so that I would appreciate the promise. The wilderness also separated the real from the fake. Thank you for giving me an extra set of eyes. 

In Jesus Name,