“But God told Balaam, “Do not go with them. You are not to curse these people, for they have been blessed!”

Numbers 22:12 NLT

No matter how much people want to see you fail if God is for you can’t nobody be against you! Like Public Enemy said back in the 80’s, “You can’t stop the bum rush!”

There’s nothing more powerful than a group of oppressed people who have God on their side. When God has called us out of darkness into light we must realize that the fight is already fixed. No matter what comes up against you, God will see you through.

The Israelites were newly liberated slaves making their way to the Promised Land when neighboring cities were intimidated by their movement. Moses tried to negotiate their safe, non-violent passage but instead they were met with xenophobic, violent opposition. Moses had no other choice but to fight for the right of his people to pass through this opposition.

One particular king of Moab sent a message for the seer Balaam to put a curse on Israel so he could defeat them. God spoke to Balaam and said, “That ain’t going to happen!”

  1. You can’t curse what God has blessed. God had already promised the Israelites that he would deliver them to Canaan. God overrides evil intentions of others who come up against his will.
  2. No amount of money can stop God from blessing you. They tried to bribe the seer to curse them. Even if he took all their money they still couldn’t override God’s blessing. The good news is that you might not have any money, but not even the rich can override your blessing!
  3. The bad that people wish on you will come back on them when you are in the will of God. Every time Balaam tried to speak a curse it kept coming back as a blessing. Put more attention on what God told you instead of what people are saying. God overrides your haters!

Dear God,

Help me to keep it moving today! I don’t have time to worry about what the bad people are saying and miss the good that you are doing. We are on our way somewhere. We are moving! It does not yet appear what we shall be. Today, if I hear anybody trying to curse my movement, help me turn it into a blessing. As a matter of fact it is a blessing to hear people talk about me because it means I’m closer to my destiny! Thank you Jesus!!!