“The Lord said to Moses: “Bring me seventy of Israel’s elders who are known to you as leaders and officials among the people. Have them come to the tent of meeting, that they may stand there with you. I will come down and speak with you there, and I will take some of the power of the Spirit that is on you and put it on them. They will share the burden of the people with you so that you will not have to carry it alone.” Numbers 11:16-17 (NIV)

Leadership can be overwhelming! When you think about the ongoing demands of life and multiply that by all the needs of the people you serve it can become overwhelming. One of the worst things we can do is to go it alone and try to play “hero ball.”

In this new hero movie “Black Panther,“ it’s good to see a hero that has a great supporting cast around him. He has his sister who is responsible for his technology. He has the council of elders who give him advice. He has the army of women warriors who are the most skilled, courageous and loyal army a king could want. Then he has his would-be queen that is strong, compassionate and stubborn in a good way. Black Panther shows me that a leader has to be surrounded by at least 70 people that can help him or her lead effectively.

Moses was worn out! The 600,000 people he was leading out of slavery in Egypt were complaining about their food or lack thereof. Moses stopped to remind God that he never asked to lead these people. Most great leaders didn’t lead out of an attention deficit. They led because God called them to lead. Leadership is a privilege and a burden. Moses was tired of the people complaining. It’s amazing how soon people forget the miracles when their stomachs start growing.

God told Moses to gather some people around him to help him carry the burden of leadership. I think we need to do the same.

What kind of people should we look for? People who are leaders. What does that mean?

  1. In the movie the father of T’Challa gives him advice as a new king. Make sure you have people around you that you can trust because it’s hard for a good man to be king. We need trustworthy people around us. But select from all the people some capable, honest men who fear God and hate bribes. Appoint them as leaders over groups of one thousand, one hundred, fifty, and ten. Exodus 18:21
  2. They need to be dependable. Can you count on the people you select? That’s why we need accountability in our relationships. Accountability is nothing more than people being able to count on you to do what you are supposed to do. The worst thing a leader can have around him or her is people they can’t count on.
  3. Receptive. God told Moses that he was going to take the Spirit that was on Moses and place it on the 70 elders he had chosen. In order for that transfer to take place their had to be a degree of receptivity. You cannot pour new wine into old wineskins and you can’t teach someone that doesn’t have a teachable spirit. 

There must be a submission of gifts to the leader by the other leaders or there can be no sharing of power. There is one primary leader under whom everyone else submits their leadership to or else you end up with a divided and dysfunctional kingdom.

When we find the right leaders to help us then we can be effective carrying out God’s Kingdom Agenda.



Dear God,

Help us! If we are leaders please show us the right people to help us shoulder the burden. If we are the people show us how to submit our gifts to strengthen our leader. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. Please share your power from your leader with the people. Together we can help meet the needs of the people by sharing our resources with those who need them the most. Together we can!

In Jesus’ Name