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Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

Mark 9:16 ‘What are you arguing with them about?’ (Jesus) asked.

A lot of times what we are arguing about isn’t really what we are arguing about. There is something deeper then the symptomatic surface issue. There is some deeper hold on the spirit and heart that causes us to argue over something that could have been resolved spiritually but instead we waste time arguing.

Jesus had just come down from the mountain with his closest disciples to discover that his other disciples were arguing with a discontented father. Jesus asked them, “What are you arguing about?” I love his question because he already knows the answer he’s just trying to see if they really know the base of this argument.

  1. Do we really know why we are at odds with other disciples? How can two walk together unless they agree? When we try to solve an argument we have to identify what we are in disagreement about.
  2. Identify the real issue. “I bought my son and your disciples couldn’t help.” Was this about the disciples’ inability or the father’s lack of faith? Was this because Jesus wasn’t there even though he had empowered the disciples?
  3. Look at the history of the conflict. How long has he been like this? The father told Jesus he had been like this since childhood. This is an old demon! Sometimes old demons show up in new times. Demons like buried feelings don’t die they break out at any moment.
  4. You have to bring the issue to Jesus and believe that he can heal it. The father said, “I believe you can help my son but help me with my unbelief!” The problem is not Jesus; the problem is that you don’t believe totally in the power of God through Jesus. Whenever there is a “but” in your spirit you really don’t believe. “I believe but….” Get rid of your but before God gets rid of your “butt!”
  5. Jesus speaks to the demon and he comes out. You have to speak directly to the spirit. On their best days even the best people can be used by the devil. You just have to recognize who you are talking to, the person or the spirit.
  6. The disciples ask Jesus, “why couldn’t we do that?!” This question is just as important as the first. What’s keeping us from being effective? Some of the disciples were on the mountain top praying. The rest were in the valley working. Jesus just came from prayer. These disciples were busy with the work. Jesus said…
  7. These kind come out only through fasting and prayer. Arguing is not going to solve it. Will power is not going to solve it. Bureaucracy isn’t going to solve it. Prayer is the solution to what you are arguing about!

Today stop arguing and ask God to show you what the solution to your disagreement is.

Dear God,

There is so much that needs to be done. I’m coming off the mountain and facing arguments that need to be resolved. I pray that you would give me the power to immobilize every negative spirit and take captive every negative thought. Give me the ability to speak truth in love and let only that which is wholesome and beneficial come out of my mouth. We fight not against flesh and blood but against dark powers and principalities in high places. Help me to identify the strong man and bind him up so you can take control of the house. Holy Spirit cease all arguments and restore peace to your disciples. May every person who brings their children to your disciples find the help they were looking for and not arguments.  

In Jesus Name,