Who Wants To1 Chronicles 29:1, 3, 5-6 Then King David said to all the people, “My son Solomon is the one God has chosen. He is still young and has not had much time to know what to do. It is a very big work because this beautiful house is not for man, but for the Lord God. The house of my God means much to me. I have much gold and silver and I give it to the house of my God, together with all I have already given for the holy house. I gave gold for the things of gold, and silver for the things of silver for all the work done by the able men. Now who is willing to give himself and be set apart today to the Lord?” Then the rulers of the families gave because they wanted to. The leaders of the family groups of Israel, the captains of thousands and of hundreds, and those who watched over the king’s work gave because they wanted to.

Have you ever asked somebody to do something for you and they said, “yes” but when you came back it wasn’t done? Depending on who they are they might be honest it’s you when you ask them why didn’t they finish. When they are afraid of losing position they will make up an excuse but when they are honest they will tell you the truth, and the truth of it is, “They didn’t want to do it in the first place!” When you are “all in” and you are fully committed your heart is in whatever you committed to and you do it because you want to. Nobody has to beg you. You want to.

David wanted to build a house for God where the people could come worship God. David had shed too much blood so God told David that his Solomon would build the Temple. David wanted to make sure that his son had the resources to build. So he challenged the leaders to help his son. He asked them, “which of you are willing to consecrate yourself for the sake of this building project?” David said, “this is not just a meeting place for people but a house for God.” I think when we finally get in our minds what the church is all about, we will want to and stop acting like “we have to.” That’s why Paul told us not to give reluctantly but rather God loves a cheerful giver. He’s been so good to me! I want to!

  1. David led by example in his giving. Not only did he give what was required but he gave over and beyond that because he wanted to. A good parent and leader should want better for those coming behind them.
  2. The rulers of the families have next. The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people. If we want our house to be blessed we have to make a priority of consecrating ourselves for God’s house. Each household should set aside weekly what they are bringing to God’s house.
  3. The leaders of all the groups gave because they wanted to. You have to lead by example. If you are a leader in your church you should be the first one to give generously. You don’t give you don’t lead. Jesus said, “if you can’t be trusted with little who will trust you with true riches?” Are you willing to lead by example and give of yourself and your resources for God’s house?

The next time Someone asks you, “Why do you give so much time and money to the church?!” Tell them, “Because I want to!”

Dear God,

Thank you for wanting to save me. Thank you Jesus for loving me enough to die for me when you didn’t want to suffer. Thank you Jesus for dying for me when I didn’t want to live for you. Thank you for giving me a life where I want for nothing. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want!

In Jesus Name,