group of african american college studentsMark 5:40 But they laughed at him. After he put them all out, he took the child’s father and mother and the disciples who were with him, and went in where the child was.

Everybody doesn’t need to be in your circle and everybody can’t go where you are going.  Jesus was very selective in terms of the people that he let in his inner circle. He had his 72 disciples that he empowered to do ministry. He had his 12 that he prayed all night for before naming them his “sent one.” They would be his representatives. Then he had his 3; Peter, James, and John that he trusted with difficult missions.

Jesus takes the 3 with him when Jairius’ daughter dies. When he gets to the house the people are weeping and wailing. Jesus tells them she’s not dead; she’s sleeping. They laugh. He puts them out.

There are some people you need to put out.

  1. People who are not spiritually mature. This doesn’t mean you don’t associate with people that are not “spiritual juggernauts.” It just means they are associates but not inner circle.
  2. People who are not safe. People who laugh at you are not with you. If people cannot take you seriously then you should not take them with you.
  3. People who are inauthentic. How do you go from weeping to laughing that quick? Answer: you weren’t really connected to the moment. If people cannot engage with you on a real level why should you continue to be friends?

When Jesus took his 3 Disciples and the parents of the girl he shut the door. He spoke life to the dead girl and she was restored to life. If there is something difficult going on in your life reevaluate who is in your inner circle. This next move is going to require people who have faith, safe, authentic, and who are with you; mind, body, and spirit!

Dear God,

I thank you for surrounding me with people who get me. Thank you for exposing the people who don’t. Give me the discernment to know who to shut the door on and who to invite in. I need a miracle. Send the right ones and take out the inauthentic. 
In Jesus Name,