ID-100314079Luke 14:17-18 When all was ready, he sent his servant around to notify the guests that it was time for them to arrive. But they all began making excuses. One said he had just bought a field and wanted to inspect it, and asked to be excused.

There is some place we are supposed to be and somewhere we want to be. There’s a difference. God invites us to be in a place he has prepared but we have a choice to accept or decline. The reason many people get out of alignment with the will of God is because they make excuses as to why they can’t make it to the place where God wants them to be.

It’s too early. It’s too many people. I have to go where they want me to go. I’m too tired. It’s too expensive. It takes too long. It’s too hard. Which one of these is your excuse that keeps you from the place God has prepared for you?

Jesus tells a parable about a Master that had prepared a great banquet with specific people in mind. But when he invited them they all began to make excuses as to why they couldn’t come. The master put a lot of time, thought, and tenderness in preparing this for his people only for them to make excuses.

“Excuses are monuments of nothingness, They build bridges to nowhere,  
Those of us who us these tools of incompetence,  Seldom become anything but nothing at all.”  

Excuse number one. I have somewhere else to go. Whenever God has called you to a place everything else gets prioritized around that invitation. I believe there is “a place” God calls you and there is a place you choose to go. Don’t decline God’s meal for a snack.

Excuse number two: there’s something else I want to do. The second person invited made the excuse that he had some new oxen he wanted to try. He could have tried them any day but he chose to try them on the day he was invited to dinner by the master. Sunday is the day God invites us to eat spiritual food but many of us spoil dinner with a snack or choose to do something all together different.

Excuse number three: I found someone else. Sometimes we put other people in God’s place. In this same chapter Jesus says if we put in other relationship before God then we disqualify ourselves as disciples. Not even our spouses should keep us from where God is calling us to be.

In 2016 there is a place where you are supposed to be. There’s a place God has invited you to be. Don’t let anything or anybody be your excuse for missing God’s best. Get there!

Dear God,

Help me to stop making excuses for missing divine appointments for things that are demonic distractions. There’s a place you have purposes for me and I’m not going to let anybody stop me from getting to your banquet table. This is the year that I head in a New Direction from the inside out!

In Jesus Name!


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