5395952_sPsalm 51:9-12 Don’t keep looking at my sins.Remove the stain of my guilt. Create in me a clean heart, O God.Renew a loyal spirit within me. Do not banish me from your presence,and don’t take your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation,and make me willing to obey you.

Everybody messes up at some point in their lives. All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. Donnie McClurkin had a very simple but powerful song that spoke to this human tendency toward sin, “We fall down but we get up for a saint is just a sinner who fell down but got up.”

How do you get up? There is so much shame that is associated with moral failure. The church ought to be a place where grace is extended but often times it seems that grace has an early expiration date with people who’ve been in church a long time. We want grace but we don’t extend grace. The only reason we are still alive is because of God’s amazing Grace.

When David messed up by committing adultery and murder he suffered dire consequences. His baby died and violence never left his home. David was forgiven but he still had consequences. The good part is that David didn’t die and he was forgiven.

If we find ourselves in a scandalous situation and we need to get out of our mess we can’t call Olivia Pope but we can call on Jesus. This is what we need to ask.

1.  Don’t keep looking at my sin but remove the stain of my guilt. I’m sitting in my office and I see a stain on my carpet from where my son spilled a drink. It bothers me every time I look at it. I’ve got to get a steamer to remove the stain. Looking at our sin bothers us. Jesus is the only one that can take the stain away.

2.  Create in me a clean heart. Jesus makes all things new. Once the Holy Spirit does his work our hearts are softened to be able to receive and give love again.

3.  Renew a loyal spirit in me. I know God wants to sing the chorus of Chris Brown’s song about us, “these saints ain’t loyal!” But yet God is able to put a loyal spirit in us so that we will not defect at the first site of an inconvenience. We will remain tried and true.

4.  Don’t banish me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit away from me. One of the worst punishments is to not be able to feel God. God cannot dwell in an unclean vessel. We have to acknowledge our uncleanliness and give God permission to clean us up.

5.  Restore the joy of my salvation and make me willing to obey you. These two things seem unrelated but they are. When you have Joy in the Lord you want to please him. When you experience the abundant love of God your desire is to please him. The problem with some people is that they lose their joy because of their sin. If you can deal with your sin, you can get your joy back. You might have fallen but it’s time to get back up.

Dear God,

Thank you for looking beyond my faults and loving me enough to get me back up. I don’t deserve your love but I’m grateful for it. This time I want to stay on the right track and never go back to what hurt you and could have killed me. Thank you for restoring my Joy!

In Jesus Name,