“Now you are the body of Christ, and members individually. And God has appointed these in the church: first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, administrations, varieties of tongues.” I Corinthians 12:27-28 NKJV

There is no such thing as an insignificant body part. If you hit your little pinky toe on the corner of the kitchen chair I guarantee you that your whole body will stop, drop, and roll.

You matter to the body of Christ. No matter how big or small your part is, you are needed.

The Church body at New Direction Christian Church operates as a five-fold ministry. The five-fold ministry is a Neo-Charismatic Christian belief that five offices mentioned in Ephesians (Ephesians 4:11), namely those of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors (or shepherds) and teachers, remain active and valid offices in the contemporary Christian Church. Those offices manifest as different gifts in the body of Christ.

Each person in the church must recognize their individual S.H.A.P.E. (Spiritual Gift, Heart, Abilities, Personality, Experience).

Paul mentions the different spiritual gifts that make up the body of Christ. We must identify our spiritual gifts and figure out what part we play in the body’s functioning.

  1. Apostolic means to be sent. The apostle is the leader over the house. He or she has had a direct encounter with Jesus and has been sent to a region to tear down, break up, and then build up. He or she is a pioneer in spreading the Gospel in new territory.
  2. The prophetic is a gift that ties into the apostolic. The prophets of the house serve as seers to see and hear what God is saying for the house. Their gifts are subject to the apostle as they help cover the house of God.
  3. Teachers help to build up the body through inspiration and information. They are the disseminators of the spiritual DNA of the house. These are your small group leaders that help disciple the body.
  4. The gift of miracles. There are people in the body who have the spiritual gift of healing. They can pray for people and they are healed. They are not any more anointed than the next person but they are chosen vessels through whom God operates. All of these gifts could be present in the apostle or distributed throughout the body in other leaders.
  5. Helps – every member of the church has this gift! This is when you see a need and you help! It’s being a servant leader. Jesus said the greatest amongst you shall be servant of all.
  6. Administration – this is such an important gift to the body of Christ. The administrators are the detailed people who help to execute the vision of the apostle. They help with the strategy, the structure, and the systemic processes to ensure that the work gets done. These are the left-brain people who are needed to balance out the right-brained people.
  7. The gift of tongues – traditionally this has been those who speak in unknown tongues, but in order for this to edify the body there must be an interpreter. God reveals things through tongues but the most important aspect to this gift is the ability to interpret. This person benefits the body by making sure people understand what God is revealing as an interpreter. 

There are different gifts in the body, but one body. There are different parts, but one body. What part do you play? Your part matters!

Dear God,

I pray that you would show each of us what part we play in the body and what S.H.A.P.E we are in. We can no longer afford to be an inactive body part that causes our body (our church) to be out of shape due to sedentary saints. Father, reveal to me what my part is and help me to be faithful to do my part consistently so that your body is healthy.

In Jesus’ Name,