Genesis 37:20 “Come now, let’s kill him and throw him into one of these cisterns and say that a ferocious animal devoured him. Then we’ll see what comes of his dreams.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Will forever be my gospel hero. I remember listening to his “I have a dream” speech over and over again on that 45 record player we had. Each time it gave me chill bumps to hear the anointed rise and fall of his voice as he made prophetic declarations of his vision for an America healed of its racism. I was a baby when he was murdered in Memphis now I’m a pastor in Memphis.
The Dream lives on.

They thought that if they killed him that his dream would die. You can’t kill what is God’s will. Dr King’s dream was given by God therefore it couldn’t be taken. Unless a seed goes into the ground and dies it cannot bear fruit.

Joseph’s brother hated him so much that they threw him in the ground, in a well with no water in it. They were jealous because their father favored him and he had a dream that they would one day bow down to them. When they saw him coming they said, “let’s kill him and see what happens to his dream.” They couldn’t kill him or his dream. God gave Joseph those dreams and therefore they could not be stopped.

1. Be careful sharing your dreams with people who are asleep. Joseph’s brothers were sleeping on who their baby brother was. Jesus said it another way, “don’t cast your pearls amongst swine.” Joseph told his dreams to haters who couldn’t accept who he was.

2. A detour doesn’t stop your dream. They sold him into slavery but used the detour to set him up for a greater purpose. If God has given you a dream a detour is just a setup for you to step up. Joseph went from being a slave to a prince.

3. A delay is not a denial of your dream. Joseph went to prison but came out a prince. Nelson Mandela had a vision for a South Africa free from apartheid. He spent 27 years in prison only to come out and be elected President!

4. A dream deferred will manifest into divine deliverance in God’s own time. Almost 20 years later Joseph was in charge of making sure Egypt made it through a famine. His brothers had to come and bow down to Joseph not even knowing who he was. It was a dream fulfilled. But Joseph wasn’t bitter he hadn’t gotten better. He told them, “what you meant for my evil God has worked out for my good! It was for the saving of many lives that God sent me to Egypt!”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was murdered in Memphis but his dream has impacted the world. What happens to a dream when the Dreamer is killed. They Spread. They Live. They manifest.

Dear God,

Thank you for allowing the dream of Dr. King to live on through me. Racism must die and equality must be resurrected. InJustice must be condemned and Justice must be sought for all. Thank you for giving me the ability to dream and to vision. I will not stop until it manifests or its time to give my dream to the next generation.

In Jesus Name,