9040667_sMark 4:8 Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up, grew and produced a crop, some multiplying thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times.’

Cocoa cultivation began in Ghana, according to the legend, fostered by a blacksmith called Tetteh Quarshie, who, in 1895, returned to his farm in the Eastern Region of Ghana with cocoa beans “in his pocket” from the island of Fernando Po (now Bioko) in Equatorial Guinea where there was already intensive plantation production of “slave-grown” cocoa.

Our guide in Ghana told us that Tettah Quarshie actually smuggled the coco seed by swallowing it and retrieving it from his “poo poo.” The British government locked him in prison for 30 years but after he got out his two trees he planted had grown into acres of trees! Now Ghana is the largest distributor of Coco.

There is a seed that God has planted in you through Jesus Christ. The seed is God’s word and what you do with it determines whether or not you reap a harvest and just digest a seed.

Tettah Quarshie digested the seed but after it passed through he planted it. For planting a forbidden seed he was persecuted. After his release he experienced a hundred fold harvest.

When we take the seed of God’s word and put it into action it should produce a harvest for us.

  1. It should come up. When you are in conversation with other people the word of God should come up. Whatever using you should come out of you. When you digest God’s seed even your mess should be productive. Only God can make a miracle out of your mess. In the slave castles in Ghana they took the best seeds and stuck them in dungeons filled with excrement and vomit. They thought they would kill our ancestors but those seeds were transplanted to America “illegally” and produced a nation!
  2. Your seed should grow. It should mature. In order to grow it needs cultivation. You cannot grow as a Christian if you are not in a bible believing church. You must be sown in good ground. Go where you will be challenged not comfortable.
  3. You should produce harvests. Tettah Quarshie’s one seed led his country to become the number one distribution center of coco. What will your contribution to your community, city, country be?

Dear God,

I thank you for planting your seed in me. I am starting to see the fruits of my labor after the release from my struggle. Help me today to plant seed on good ground so that it will reap a harvest for my people later.

In Jesus Name,