“So David took the spear and jug of water that were near Saul’s head. Then he and Abishai got away without anyone seeing them or even waking up, because the Lord had put Saul’s men into a deep sleep.

Then he shouted down to the soldiers and to Abner son of Ner, “Wake up, Abner!” “Who is it?” Abner demanded.”

1 Samuel 26:12, 14 NLT

I’m such a light sleeper. I envy how deep my wife sleeps. I can hear the slightest noise and wake up. Maybe that’s the way God wired some men and women. When we have an anointing on our life we don’t sleep very well. Yes, God keeps us in perfect peace but you don’t sleep like everybody else does. There’s this burden of awareness. When you are woke you don’t let the enemy slip into your camp.

We find David in this text walking down into the enemy’s camp when everybody was asleep. Once again David has the opportunity to kill his former king but once again he doesn’t because he’s woke. His enemy is asleep but David is woke.


1. When you are woke you don’t kill that which God has used. David valued King Saul’s life because he recognized him as his spiritual father and God’s anointed. David was younger and much more gifted than Saul but he was awake enough to know that he didn’t have to kill the king to become king. He honored the position even when the king was in a position of vulnerability. He deserved to die but David was woke while Saul slept. Can God trust you to stay conscious while other people are sleeping?

It seems we have a younger generation that is so much more ready to kill the older generation in their sleep than they are patient to wait on God to wake them up.

2. Who can remain innocent after striking down God’s anointed? You can’t tear down what God built up if you are woke. There are sacred institutions God has used through the years to give us liberty such as the church, the NAACP, the philosophy of non-violent protest and there are people sleeping in each group. It’s very easy to condemn each because there are sleepy people in those groups but that’s not for us to decide. David said, “Either he will die in battle or old age,” but it’s not up to us to play God!

3. Wake up the watchmen! David put some distance between he and his former tribe – now enemies. What’s crazy is that the people who were once David’s kinsmen are trying to kill him. David sends a wake up call to remind them that he’s not the enemy. If he was the enemy he would have killed Saul in his sleep! We spend too much time killing each other in our sleep instead of sending wake up calls to our brothers. In essence David had a conversation to show the older generation that I’m not your enemy! We can’t win the war because we are too busy battling each other. BLM blames the church for not doing anything. The church suspects that the young millennials hate the church and are abandoning it in way that would lead to a slow death. African immigrants are blaming the abandoned poor in urban areas accusing them of being lazy. Somebody needs to be like Larry Fishbourne in School Daze and run in the middle of all these tribes and ring the bell while screaming, “Wake Up!”


When Saul wakes up to realize that he could have lost his life he speaks a blessing over David’s life. The mantle has to be passed the right way. The blessing is spoken not taken. We don’t get it by killing each other while we sleep. We speak it when we wake up to realize just how blessed we are that we weren’t killed in our sleep.
As a community and a people we need to go through the camp to take notice of who’s asleep. We then need to allow a healthy distance to communicate a wake up call. It’s only when we speak truth in love to our elders and our kinsmen that they are able to see your love and respond accordingly.

Dear God,

Our communities are divided like never before. There are some of us who are awake and see the potential danger and there are others who could be part of the solution but have allowed disobedience to put them to sleep. Help us to cry loud and spare not. Help us to extend wake up calls to the people we care about the most even though it seems like they’re out to get us. Your words are needed even more, “Wake up oh sleeper that Christ might shine on you.” Lord, wake us up!

In Jesus’ Name