Genesis 37:19 “Here comes that master-dreamer,” they exclaimed. “Come on, let’s kill him and toss him into a well and tell Father that a wild animal has eaten him. Then we’ll see what will become of all his dreams!”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born January 15, 1929 and died the year I was born, 1968. He was 39 years young. He still had so much potential in dreams not yet fulfilled but a life not wasted. His dreams continue to live on. For the last seven years we have witnessed the fulfillment of a dream with our first black President and the nightmare that people still hate the dream.

Joseph was the favorite son of Israel. His brothers hated him because they feared that one day he would rule over them. They were the majority and Joseph and Benjamin were the minority. Joseph had the audacity to share with them a dream God had given him that one day, his brothers would bow down to him.

One day they saw him coming in the distance and said, “here comes that dreamer, let’s kill him!”  If you are going to make a difference in this hateful world you need to understand that people are going to try and kill your dreams. You just have to be ready for haters.

  1. They saw him coming and plotted to kill him. There’s no need to be paranoid but just know they see you coming. Do not be afraid of them but instead believe in the one that sent you. Joseph’s father sent him to his brothers and God protected him.
  2. They stripped him of his coat of many colors. People will try to humiliate you by stripping you of something that distinguishes you from every one else but what God has for you will come back. Years later Pharaoh will give Josepha new robe and position as second in charge over all of Egypt.
  3. His brothers sold him out. When you are a dreamer don’t be surprised if someone close to you betrays you. Dr. King had FBI informants disguised as supporters traveling with him. Judas is necessary for the fulfillment of your mission. Stay focused this is just a “Pit Stop!”
  4. God will use your dream to save a nation. Joseph went from the pit to Potiphar’s to prison to the palace. What took him there was his ability to dream and interpret dreams. What got Dr. King killed was not his ability to dream but the action of interpreting the dream that would save America. It threatened the brothers who were the majority that minorities might rule over them. They murdered Dr. King in Memphis but the Dream made it to the Whitehouse! The Dream made it to the courthouse. The Dream made it to my house. Because he died I had a chance to live the dream. They couldn’t kill the dream. Don’t let them kill yours!

Dear God,

Thank you for Dr. King and the sacrifice of giving his life for the poor and disenfranchised. We still have the lingering effects of hatred and racism but we are making progress. We are still believing that one day that all of God’s children that represent the colors on Joseph’s cost who have been purchased by the blood of Jesus will be able to live together in peace and equality. We believe it is so in Jesus Name!