23231312_sRomans 11:2 “Do you remember that time Elijah was agonizing over this same Israel and cried out in prayer? God, they murdered your prophets, they trashed your altars; I’m the only one left and now they’re after me! And do you remember God’s answer? I still have seven thousand who haven’t quit, Seven thousand who are loyal to the finish. It’s the same today. There’s a fiercely loyal minority still—not many, perhaps, but probably more than you think. They’re holding on, not because of what they think they’re going to get out of it, but because they’re convinced of God’s grace and purpose in choosing them. If they were only thinking of their own immediate self-interest, they would have left long ago.” 

There is much outrage of the “100” pastors who stood in support of Donald Trump. To be fair many of them said they went to voice concerns for the black community and not endorse Trump. But what is disturbing are the one’s who unreservedly endorsed Trump as a “Godsent” leader. This is a waste and misuse of the prophetic mantle. The prophetic voice in the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is missing in the black church or is it? These false prophets who verbally endorsed Donald Trump; who has no vested interest in poor brown, black, or white people; do not speak for the thousands of true prophetic voices still left in this country. There are many authentic women and men of God who truly hear God and stand for justice. Just because you don’t see them on TV or hear them on the radio doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The revolution will not be televised!

The prophet Elijah had just made a victorious stand against 450 false prophets of Baal when he received a threat from Queen Jezebel that she would murder him. Elijah ran away and asked God to die because he was tired. He was tired of being in isolation. He was tired of living in a dominant culture that was anti-God and ant-church. Now they were trying to kill him because he defeated the prophets that endorsed King Ahab. God reminded Elijah, “You’re not the only one! I have seven thousand prophets who haven’t sold out!”

What you need to know today is this:

  1. You are not the only one who has not sold out your faith to capitalistic pursuits and there are more sincere pastors with prophetic voices that have not been bought out.
  2. Don’t let people trash the altars. Some people are using these “100” fame seeking pastors to trash all pastors and black churches as greedy and irrelevant. There are thousands of pastors who are rebuilding their communities, starting schools, changing policies, ending gun violence, standing for social justice, and speaking truth to power. They are in small churches, medium size churches, and mega churches. They are in rural churches and urban areas. Some of them you may never see on CNN but God is using them. Don’t throw away the church because you see false prophets misrepresenting the majority. In the last days you will see the “abomination of desolation” it’s just a sign that Jesus’ return is imminent but don’t give up on God or his real pastors/prophets.
  3. There’s a loyal minority still in it that are not in it for fame or fortune. This is a test for the loyal followers of Christ to stand up. This is not the time to quit! This is not the time to quit believing. This is not the time to quit going to church. This not the time to stop giving your time, talent, and tithe for the efforts of helping people that the church serves. This is the time for the real people of God to stand! If you know a real pastor stand in support of their work in the community. If you see injustice in your community stand with those who have a real prophetic voice.

When the Germans exterminated the Jews during the holocaust it wasn’t the vocal people that did the most damage. It was the silent Christians who kept their mouths closed while the horror played itself out.

It’s time for the people of God to rise up, cry loud, and spare not. Speak truth to power. We cannot be bought. We will not shut up! Malcolm X said, “The most dangerous man in the world is the one who has nothing to lose.” There are more of us left than what you saw on TV. Don’t believe the hype!

Dear God,

Thank you for reminding me that I am not the only one left who still loves you, your word, and justice. Please open the eyes of your servants and show them that greater are those with us than those that are with Trump. God send us a President that fears you and loves justice and shows mercy to the least of these. Give your pastors the courage to stand for righteousness and not pursue dishonest gain. Help Millennials not to give up on you or your church. Show them that there are seven thousand real men and women of God that have not sold out. Send them to real churches where they can help carry out your Kingdom agenda of restoring justice and repairing broken communities. No matter what it looks like I will not give out, sell out, or quit. For God I’ll live and for God I’ll die!

In Jesus Name,