“But many of the older priests and Levites and heads of families, who had seen the first house, wept aloud when they saw the foundation of this house, although many others shouted loudly with joy.” Ezra 3:12 CEB

There is always a mixed review when a remake is put out. The new Star Wars movie, “The Last Jedi,” has broken records in box office sells since its release but there have been mixed reviews.

Actress Kelly Marie Tran joined the franchise in “The Last Jedi” as mechanic Rose Tico. On Monday, she posted a video to Instagram taken by a friend of hers as she found herself sitting next to an unknowing group of strangers that had just seen the movie. Not only did Tran experience the surreal moment when a project she was in came up in her presence, but the video shows her tear up as they begin to discuss her character specifically.

When there is change and you are part of the change don’t be surprised if people are sitting around discussing your character. You will get mixed reviews depending on who it is. The people who liked the old version might see you as a villain while the younger people see your new character as a welcome change to an old story.

In order for a sequel to outlive itself and survive new eras, changes have to be made and you have to learn how to live with mixed reviews.

The Temple had been torn down in Jerusalem. During conquests the Temple had been decimated but the exiles had returned to rebuild it. When they laid the foundation for the new structure there was mixed reviews.

  1. many of the older priests and Levites and heads of families, who had seen the first house, wept aloud when they saw the foundation of this new house. Why did they weep? They still had an image of the former Glory. They had an emotional attachment to the way that it used to look and the way things used to be. There was nothing wrong with their nostalgia. It’s natural to want things to be like they used to be but the reality is that could never be like they used to be. Everything must evolve. The enemy had leveled the old sanctuary and it was necessary to build a new one.
  2. It’s hard to build something new when people are stuck on the old. Jesus said it another way. “It’s hard to pour new wine into old wine skins.” When you do it the fermentation process causes the old brittle wineskins too stretch beyond their capacity and they explode wasting the wine. Plus if people taste the old wine first they will hate the new. they will think the old is better than the new. You’re going to always have mixed reviews in regard to change.
  3. Make room for weeping and shouts of joy. The new people were excited about the temple going back up. They shouted for Joy but the old people weeping couldn’t be distinguished from the new people shouting. Ezra had to rebuild the temple with mixed reviews.

We have to realize that when we attempt to rebuild something that the enemy has torn down we are going to get mixed reviews. Some people will be sad that it doesn’t look like the old and others will be ecstatic that you are rebuilding. Stay focused on what God told you to do and when you are finished everybody will see the benefit and God will get the glory! My mentor told me a long time ago, “If you can make it through your bad reviews then you can live to see your good reviews.”

Dear God,

Thank you for trusting me to rebuild your church and my community. It hasn’t been easy because many people preferred the old way of doing things. If the truth be told so did I. But I know that there is greater! You want to do a new thing to reach a new generation. Help me to operate with the skill of a Jedi and let the force be with me! Grant me success in the midst of mixed reviews.

In Jesus’ Name,