“Loyalty makes a person attractive. It is better to be poor than dishonest.”  

Proverbs 19:22 NLT

Tell me who you loyal to
Do it start with your woman or your man? 
Do it end with your family and friends? 
Or you’re loyal to yourself in advance?
I said, tell me who you loyal to
Is it anybody that you would lie for?
Anybody you would slide for?
Anybody you would die for?
That’s what God for–Loyalty, Kendrick Lamar

We spend an inordinate amount of time on how we look to people on the outside. We go shopping to make sure we are presentable. Our outfits can be fashionable but if our character is out of whack then we are still unattractive.

One of things that make us distinguished from everybody else is our loyalty. It’s hard to find anybody who’s really loyal anymore even though it’s a trait that never goes out of style.

Definition of loyal

  • unswerving in allegiance: such as
  • a :  faithful in allegiance to one’s lawful sovereign or government were loyal to the king
  • b :  faithful to a private person to whom faithfulness is due a loyal husband
  • c :  faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product a loyal churchgoer loyal to the party of their forebears
  1. Loyalty makes a person attractive. Why? Because it’s rare! You don’t find too many loyal people anymore. People who are committed no matter what. That’s a good look! Someone who is loyal is there for you whether you’re winning or losing because they know who you are on the inside and nothing can change their mindset.
  2. Loyalty goes this distance. In the movie the “War of the Apes,” Caesar the leader has lost his family and sets out for revenge. One of his loyal advisers wants to go with him. Caesar says, “No. I may not come back!” His loyal advisor Maurice says,”That’s why I’m going with you to make sure you do!” Loyalty!
  3. Loyalty is worth more than dishonesty. What good is money if you don’t have anybody loyal around you? Sometimes you have more when you’re poor because at least the people are authentic. 

If you want loyal people around you, you must prove yourself loyal. Are you a faithful friend? Are you faithfully attending your church? Can people count on you to be there in good times and bad times? Are you loyal to anything or anybody? That’s what God is for.

Dear God,

Thank you for never leaving me or forsaking me. You’ve stuck closer than any brother. Now help me to be a loyal follower of Jesus, a loyal husband to my wife, and a loyal father to my sons. Help me to be loyal to your church so that when you come back I can hear you say, “Well done my loyal servant. You’ve been faithful over a few things. Now come on up and I’ll make you ruler over many.”

In Jesus’ Name,