Isaiah 58:13 “If you watch your step on the Sabbath and don’t use my holy day for personal advantage,If you treat the Sabbath as a day of joy,God’s holy day as a celebration,If you honor it by refusing ‘business as usual,’making money, running here and there—Then you’ll be free to enjoy God!Oh, I’ll make you ride high and soar above it all.I’ll make you feast on the inheritance of your ancestor Jacob.”Yes! God says so!

Sunday is my only day to rest. That’s true! But rest from what?

I remember as a boy my grandmother would do most of her cooking Saturday night. There was no farming on Sunday morning. You couldn’t listen to R&B on Sunday. It was the Lord’s Day. There was a sacre expectation that the family would go to church to worship together. It was a special feeling and filling on Sundays.

Now we are taking a break from God on Sundays because that’s our day to sleep in from Saturday night or to run errands. God wants us to rest. Sabbath means to rest. God created the heavens and the earth in six days and rested on the seventh. The Jewish people celebrate the sabbath on Saturday but Christians celebrate the day Jesus got up from the grave. Every Sunday is our chance to get out of the grave of our beds to celebrate our rest in God.

Jesus calls us every Sunday morning with this invitation, “Come unto me all of you who have worked hard and I will give you rest!” Sunday morning in worship is your opportunity to be spiritually refueled so you can have an effective and productive week. One week without Jesus makes one weak.

God has some instructions for us on how to ride high all week and to soar above all the things we may encounter in our week:

1. Don’t use my day (Sunday) for your personal advantage. The NIV says “Doing as you please.” Sundays are a great time to relax and enjoy your family AFTER you’ve worshipped together in God’s house. This day is so important for how the rest of the week turns out.

2. Treat Sunday as a day of celebration. Sunday shouldn’t be a day you dread because you have to go to church. Sunday is a day of victory to celebrate what God is doing in your life. Church should be your celebration station! Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise!

3. Don’t treat Sunday like a day where you do ‘Business as Usual’, making money and running here and there. This is a Holy Day. All God asks of us is to give him a couple of hours on his special day to worship him and rest in him.

What do we get out of it? We will be free to enjoy God. We will be empowered to soar on wings of eagles. We will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Where will you be this Sunday?

Dear God,

Thank you for giving me a day to recharge by connecting with you and your people on Sunday. Sunday is your Son’s Day! It’s the day we celebrate Jesus defeating sin and death by dying on the cross for me. I don’t take that lightly. So every chance I get to go to your house I will be glad about it. I can’t wait to come to your house this Sunday!

In Jesus Name,