Hidden Figures In this message Dr. Spencer shares that we must not become discouraged when we're overlooked by others. God's plan for us will soon come to light as that which is hidden will soon be revealed. We must remain faithful in the meantime.

A Faith To Fight For A Better Life In this sermon, Dr. Spencer shares that the promises of God, although it's yes and amen, comes with a fight; it's a fight of faith. We must fight to hold on to God’s promises by faith, even when it looks doubtful.

I Will Get There Can you have faith without action or does having faith require us to move out of our comfort zone? Yes and yes. Dr. Spencer challenges us to put our faith into action and move forward out of our comfort zone into something better.

Can You Imagine What is your proof? Dr. Spencer brings insight to our ability to imagine the impossible through the eyes of faith. God can do the impossible. But it is impossible to please God without faith.

In the message, Dr. Spencer shares that although we are connected technologically, many of us find ourselves disconnected to others. When we are connected to other believers it is not God's will that we live in isolation but like the body, he has made us to be connected with the single purpose of advancing His…

People should know that we are Christians by our love for one another. The love of God should shine through us in such a way that people know we have been spending time with God who is Love.