Jeremiah 42:2-3 Jeremiah the prophet. They said, “Please pray to the Lord your God for us. As you can see, we are only a tiny remnant compared to what we were before. Pray that the Lord your God will show us what to do and where to go.”

It’s got to be a hard job to be a coach in the NFL. Each season you get a new crop of guys mixed in with your veterans that you have to build into a team. Those teams that are fortunate are the ones that are able told those veterans for several years to create a dynasty but inevitably it’s time to rebuild with only a remnant in place.

Like a football team your organization, your church, your family at some point will have to rebuild and regroup. You will have turnover. You will have people who opt out. People will be taken out. It’s time for you to start over but how?

The Children of Israel had been exiled because of their refusal to turn away from idolatry. There default reaction to exile was to flee to Egypt. What is your default reaction to God’s discipline? Where do you run when money runs out? Where do you run when God takes people away from you? Wherever it is Egypt is no longer an option.

Egypt is the place where you think you can get security but God isn’t there. If God doesn’t send you to Egypt you will be in worse shape than before. When we are I rebuilding mode we need to do three things:

1. Pray to God when there’s not many left. Jesus said, “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few, pray that The Lord of the harvest will send more workers!” When you get down to a remnant then it’s time to pray. When you need new team members then it’s time to pray. When your friends get few and your enemies increase it’s time to pray for new allies and new team members. Don’t go back to Egypt to recruit. You can’t go forwards walking backwards. Have patience and let God send you NEW workers.

2. Pray that God will show you what to do. Jeremiah goes away to pray and he comes back ten days later with an answer from God. Stay in the land that everybody else has deserted or been taken away and God will plant you. God will rebuild you. When we are tempted to go back to Egypt God may tell you to stay where you are and rebuild.

3. Pray to God where you should go. Before you make a move ask God where to go. Don’t be overly anxious to uproot when God is saying to stay put. What’s crazy is that it seems logical to leave when the majority has left but God says stay here and I will rebuild you.

What’s crazy is that they didn’t have the people or the resources to do what God said he was going to do. This place you’re in does not require you to have the resources it just requires your obedience and patience. It takes time to rebuild a franchise. True fans stick with their teams even in the rebuilding stages. Will you be a fair weather fan or will you have faith that God will rebuild your church, your business, and your family?

Dear God,

Teach us how to rebuild, how to plant, and how to trust you. It’s so tempting to run somewhere else when you told us to stay here. I believe you can rebuild our church, our community, and our city. Use me to be your spiritual coach to get your remnant back on the right track and to head into a new direction from the inside out.

In Jesus Name,