“May he restore your youth and care for you in your old age. For he is the son of your daughter-in-law who loves you and has been better to you than seven sons!””

Ruth 4:15 NLT

When we lose someone we often get stuck on what we lost instead of focusing on what we have left. When we take time to develop those who make a commitment to us they become more valuable than seven of the people we lost.

Naomi lost a husband and two sons. One of her daughters-in-law stayed. Ruth was a young woman who made a commitment to Ruth to go where she went, to embrace uncertainty and engage a new culture. Naomi invested in Ruth.

  1. She got her a job in a productive field. Naomi put Ruth in a position to be productive. We have to set people up for success.
  2. Naomi told her to stay in the field. She recognized the favor she had from Boaz and told Ruth not to go from field to field. Stay in the place where you initially found favor.
  3. She coached her on how to close the deal with her potential husband. She told her to clean up, dress up, and speak up. She asked Boaz to redeem her. She didn’t ask for a one-night stand. She asked for a commitment that meant expansion for him and security for her. Ruth was no desperate gold-digger. Boaz had already seen her work ethic, but now he got a chance to see her beauty as well. What a wonderful combination.


Boaz redeemed Ruth by purchasing the land of her deceased father-in-law and marrying her. God gave her the ability to give birth to the patriarch of our redeemer Jesus Christ. Naomi said that Ruth was worth “seven sons!”

What she lost in the famine she gained back in the harvest because she took the time to develop the one that was committed to her. Who are you developing that has the potential to be more valuable than seven people?

Dear God,

Thank you for sending people who are younger than me that just need to be developed and discipled. I’m looking for opportunities to pour into those who have the potential to be seven times greater than the ones I lost. This is my season to develop so that four months from now I will reap a seven-fold harvest!

In Jesus’ Name,