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Exodus 19:10, 12 Then the Lord told Moses, “Go down and prepare the people for my arrival. Consecrate them today and tomorrow, and have them wash their clothing. Mark off a boundary all around the mountain. Warn the people, ‘Be careful! Do not go up on the mountain or even touch its boundaries. Anyone who touches the mountain will certainly be put to death.

God gives rules for our protection not our punishment. Think about it in the natural. You tell your children not to talk to strangers because…. There is a law to where a seatbelt because….you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater because it could cause panic and people could crush each other and die. We have rules to set up healthy boundaries.
Even in your own life you need boundaries. Dr. Henry Cloud says that healthy boundaries helps people to understand what they are responsible for and what is somebody else’s area. We live in a time and place where there are no sacred boundaries.

Moses and the children of Israel were fresh out of slavery. They were a new nation without boundaries. God was about ready to give them 10 new boundaries that would serve as the basis of all man made laws. The Ten Commandments are the starting point for healthy boundaries in your life. Jesus summed them up by saying that the two greatest commandments are to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and with all your strength. Love your neighbor as you love yourself!” In order to love adequately you need boundaries!

  1. Tell the people to wash themselves. Boundary? The greatest defense is not to offend. Good hygiene is a boundary. Bad hygiene offends people without you even encroaching their private space. God wanted the people to consecrate themselves before they even approached the boundary Mark.
  2. Set a limit or boundary around the Holy Mountain. You have to set boundaries around your body, mind, and life in order to protect God’s spirit. Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit cannot dwell in an unclean temple.
  3. Anybody that comes past the boundary will die! Wow. God isn’t playing. For every action there’s a consequence. A boundary violation of adultery can kill a marriage. A boundary violation of murder can put you in prison. A boundary violation of serving other gods can send you to hell. We need to be clear on our boundaries.

Thank God for Grace because we have all crossed the line. In the Old Testament you would have died immediately for crossing the line but under the New Testament through the blood of Jesus God gives us time to correct our mistakes through repentance. Today is the day to recognize where you have crossed the line and get back in good standings with God. Where are your boundaries or better yet what are your boundaries?

Dear God,

Help me to set healthy boundaries to protect your temple my body. My body belongs to you and today I consecrate myself so that I will not contaminate your Holy Spirit inside of me. Forgive me for my missteps and get me back in the right headspace and heart space. Please don’t take your Holy Spirit away from me. Keep me Holy even as you are Holy because if I am Holy then I am whole.

In Jesus Name,