“You clothed the earth with floods of water, water that covered even the mountains. At your command, the water fled; at the sound of your thunder, it hurried away.

Then you set a firm boundary for the seas, so they would never again cover the earth.”

Psalms 104:6-7, 9 NLT


Twelve years ago New Orleans was devastated by Hurricane Katrina and now Hurricane Harvey has devastated Houston. It’s hard to conceive that a city can be submerged that quick. It’s during these times where as humans we feel so helpless. Some people will look at this and ask, “How could God let this happen?” And others will look at at it and say, “It is because of God’s mercies that we are not consumed!”

If this was just about God’s judgement I think he would have flooded Washington and not Texas. I think this was an opportunity for us to see God in a natural disaster and rise to a higher level of compassion.

The psalmist recognized that God has the power to control the rain to the point that he can cover mountains. If God wanted to he could put the entire nation under water. But as God promised Noah, “I will not destroy the world again by water.”

God puts boundaries in place to stop the water from consuming us.

We must ask God to command the water to flee. God has control of the weather and because he loves us he will listen when we ask him to stop the rain. I think that God sometimes uses catastrophe to “get after me.” Sometimes storms come to get us back to God. Instead of being mad at Joel Osteen for closing the doors ask God to shut the windows.

At the sound of your thunder the water hurried your away. The water responded to the thunder. God is looking for a response from his creation so he can remove the water. Our focus shouldn’t be on who didn’t respond. Our focus should be on how did we respond. Are we first responders or perpetual commentators?

God set boundaries with the sea so that water would not cover the earth. We should work with God yo set boundaries like better levees, better water pumps, and better stewardship of the ecosystem by acknowledging global warming.

More than anything we need God chasers not storm chasers. Some storms are preventable. If we would turn back to God I believe that he could redirect a lot of storms in our lives. In the meantime, let’s be first responders while we anticipate God rolling the water back. While we are waiting for the water to roll back let’s get back to worshipping God in truth and in spirit. The doors of the church are open!

Dear God,

Thank you for all of the first responders in Texas. Thank you for every human being that got out on a raft, in a boat, or a truck to rescue your people. Thank you for all of your unnamed Christian servants who waded through waters to save people and helped to shelter those who lost their homes. Help those of us on dry ground to do more than commentate. Help us to respond by volunteering or sending our money and prayers to help. God roll the water back and set boundaries so that we are not consumed. 

In Jesus’ Name,