402741_sHebrews 13:3 Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are ill-treated as if you yourselves were suffering.

It was good to hear President Obama talk about the need for reform with our Criminal Justice system. He acknowledged that the criminal justice system has unfairly targeted poor people of color especially with drug laws. With 2.5 million people in prison it is important that we remember those in prison as if we were in prison with them. One of Jesus commandments for us was to visit those in prison.

How do we do justice for those in prison?

1.  We need to continue to push for reform for our criminal justice system especially as it relates to mandatory drug sentencing for non-violent offenders.

2.  We need to shore up on our prison ministries. This year New Direction will strengthen our attempt to send ministry to the prisons. We used to have a strong prison ministry but lost focus. We have it back.

3.  Remember those who are I’ll treated. Many people are incarcerated without even being behind bars. It’s our ministry prerogative to set the captive free. Wherever there is injustice we must speak for those who have no voice.

Dear God,

Thank you for visiting me in my midnight when my soul was incarcerated. You set me free when others forgot about me. Now help me to remember those who’ve been locked away whether due to bad decisions or injustice. Everybody deserves a chance toward redemption. Give me a spirit of compassion and love for those trapped behind bars in our criminal justice system. 

In Jesus Name,