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1 Samuel 18:28 As Saul more and more realized that God was with David, and how much his own daughter, Michal, loved him, his fear of David increased and settled into hate. Saul hated David.

I was talking with a friend the other day and he was telling me the perception of many local pastors who have a lot to say about my ministry. He said, “you are cutting edge and you are doing a lot for the city but many of the pastors don’t like you but they don’t even know you.” I thought that was profound. “They don’t like you but they don’t even know you.” It’s amazing how we make up our minds not to like people without ever attempting to build relationships with them. Relationships builds understanding and people fear what they don’t understand. Fear unchecked turns into hate.

God had anointed David to lead Israel and help King Saul. David was a blessing to his city but his leader feared him because he was so successful. Saul never really got to know David. Even when David played the harp for Saul to calm his spirits, the King didn’t ask who David was until after he killed Goliath.

You’re nobody until you conquer something big and then people want to kill you for being successful. Saul was trying to kill somebody who was on his team because he feared David and his fear settled into hate.

How do we keep our fear from settling into hate as it relates to people?

1. Relate don’t hate. Saul’s own son Jonathan absolutely related to David. Even though he could have seen David as a threat to take over his seat as heir to the throne, he made a covenant with David. He loved him like a brother.

2.  Don’t hate congratulate. When we are fighting for the same Kingdom we should celebrate one another’s victories.

3.  Don’t try to pin stuff on me. Saul tried to pin David to the wall with his spear while he was ministering with the harp. When we are ministering or helping one another we shouldn’t try to kill each other with our words.

4.  We shouldn’t try to set each other up for failure. Saul sent David out on a suicide mission to marry his daughter. He used his own daughter as a distraction for David’s demise. People who mean good for you do not hope that you fail on your mission.

5.  Don’t let your fear settle into hate. I like what God told Cain when he was jealous of his brother. He said, “if you do what is right you will be accepted also but sin is crouching at your door and it wants to destroy you.” When we find ourselves “hating” someone just because they are successful that is our chance to repent before fear settles into hate.

You can’t make people like you. That’s why everything you do, you do it as if you are working to please God and not men. As much as it depends on you, live at peace with all men. Pray for those who hate you.

Dear God,

Many men wish death on me but you have sustained me and made a banquet table in the presence of mine enemies. Lord forgive them for they know not what they do. Help us to work together for the betterment of your Kingdom bits not about us. It’s about you getting the Glory. Surround me with real friends and protect me from all my haters.

In Jesus Name,