I Chronicles 21:24
But King David replied to Auranah, “No, I insist on paying the full price. I will not take for the Lord what is yours, or sacrifice a burnt offering that costs me nothing.”

I Used to roll up, this is a hold up, ain’t nothing funny
Stop smiling, be still, don’t nothing move but the money, but now I learned to earn cuz I’m righteous
–Eric b. & Rakim, Paid in Full

In his classic old school anthem, Rakim, talks about a time that he used to rob people to get paid but he shifts to working a 9 to 5 because he’s righteous. Then he uses his gifts of writing and rapping to get paid in full. He no longer gets paid doing the devious things he did as a kid nor does he rob others of their hard work and sacrifices but he earns his own through righteousness.

At some point in life we have to stop being takers. We get paid in full when we shift from taking to earning to giving.
David sinned against God when he took a census of the people. David took God for garneted because he started counting on the wrong thing. When we start focusing on the gifts instead of the giver we become takers.

David was conscience stricken when he saw how his decision to take the census caused God’s anger to fall on the people. As a result David was commanded to make a sacrifice to stop the plague that had killed 70,000 people in three days. What sacrifice have you made to stop the plague in your community? The sacrifice of time? The sacrifice of your talent? The sacrifice of your tithe?

Auranah wanted to give King David his own threshing floor, his oxen, and the wood to make a sacrifice to stop the plague. David said, “No thank you…”

  1. I insist on paying the full price. Have you ever held back on God and called it a sacrifice? Is there more you could do but you choose to hold back? Is that a sacrifice?
  2. I will not take what is yours and offer it as if it is mine. Many times we are guilty of spiritual plagiarism. We are living or worshipping on other people tithes and offerings but we haven’t given our best. As a part of a team how do we make it on other people’s sacrifices?
  3. I will not sacrifice that which cost me nothing. People can see your offering but only you can feel a sacrifice. You now when you’ve made a true sacrifice because you paid and you feel full.

Dear God,

I realize I’m no good, and no money I can pay in exchange for the blood, you shed, shed for my sins, so I surrender my heart, my life, my all, as a living sacrifice. Lord I give up everything that’s not pleasing in your sight, so I can have everlasting life.

In Jesus Name,