Luke 22:51 But Jesus said, “No more of this.” “And he touched the man’s ear and healed him.”

Do you ever get tired of the drama: Backbiting, betrayal, and busyness of the enemy? Do you ever get tired of watching your back and second-guessing your relationships? If so you probably know how Jesus felt.

You would think that with all the people that Jesus helped he would be the last person to have to worry about betrayal. He healed so many sick people, he fed five thousand, he raised the dead, he healed the blind. He was and is amazing! What was even more stunning is that one of his own who had his ear would betray him.

Judas agreed with the religious leaders to betray Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. Why? Because Satan had entered him. How? Judas left the door open through his greed. His love affair with money made him betray his love for Jesus.

Judas brings a mob to arrest Jesus and he betrays Jesus with a kiss. His signal to the enemy was “the one I kiss is Jesus.” Even Jesus was surprised by the method of his betrayal…”you betray me with a kiss?” It hurts when those closest to you betray you through intimacy. They are close enough to you that they could betray in an intimate way.

When Peter sees what’s going down he gets angry, pulls out his sword and cuts the ear off of one of the guards. Jesus says something profound, “No more of this!” He then puts the man’s ear back on and heals it! No more of this! What’s this?

1. No more drama! Jesus was close to fulfilling his mission. He was already filled with anxiety. He had sweat drops like blood while he was praying. The last thing you need when you are trying to do something difficult in your life is more drama. There’s no need to delay the enviable. Stop the drama!

2. No more violence. Jesus told Peter in another gospel account of the same story, “put away your sword Peter. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.” No more dying by the sword. Jesus was going to deliver us from our sin by dying on the cross not killing people with swords. We can’t kill betrayal with violence. We have to kill it with love.

3. No more misrepresentation. The man whose ear got cut off name was Malchus. His name meant King or Kingdom. Peter cutting off the ear of the kingdom symbolized his inability to truly hear Jesus on what the Kingdom is all about. Jesus was trying to establish God’s Heavenly Kingdom not some earthly monarchy. Jesus tells Peter, “No more of this!” No more misrepresentation of who Jesus is. His kingdom is about violence, his kingdom isn’t about money and power. His Kingdom is about loving and healing. His kingdom is about forgiveness and sacrifice.

I’m tired of the drama. I’m tired of the betrayal. I’m tired of people misrepresenting Jesus. Put your sword away. Stop talking about people-quit cutting each other up with your cruel words. Let’s get back to our Fathers mission. No more of this!


Dear God,

Help me to stop all of this extra drama in my life. Help me to take inventory of my circle. Show me who deserves my ear and who’s ear I need to heal. I decree and declare that there will be no more drama, no more retaliatory violence, and no more misrepresentation of you. I’m ready to fulfill my mission you have given me even if it means one less friend.

In Jesus name,