ID-100341666Zechariah 7:12-13 They made their hearts as hard as stone, so they could not hear the instructions or the messages that the Lord of Heaven’s Armies had sent them by his Spirit through the earlier prophets. That is why the Lord of Heaven’s Armies was so angry with them. “Since they refused to listen when I called to them, I would not listen when they called to me, says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.

There was a popular song by New Edition when I was a teen-anger called, “Mr. Telephone man” where Ralph was concerned about his calls to his girlfriend. He called and he got a click every time and then a man answered. So he wanted the telephone man to check the line just one more time.

In listening to the song we realize that the problem is not the phone it’s the heart. Something has changed in the heart of the one the singer has affection for. She’s no longer answering the calls.

God tells Zechariah that his calls to his people have gone unanswered. He’s telling the prophet Zechariah to check on the people he’s blessed because it just doesn’t make sense that they would hang up on him or send his call to voicemail. It’s not a phone problem…

  1. Their hearts had become like stone through disobedience. Every time we reject God our hearts become hard. The thing we have to watch is the condition of our hearts over time. If we are not careful the disappointments we go through can cause our hearts to become hardened and miss God.
  2. They can’t hear instructions or listen to the preached word. When our hearts become hard we stop listening to wise council. We stop coming to church. We stop reading God’s word. There’s something wrong with our line. When we lose our connection to God’s word we get in a place where we can’t hear.
  3. When I called to them they would not listen so when they called to me I would not answer. When we stop answering God’s calls we shouldn’t be surprised when we call him and get a click every time. God is calling us to do something and he needs us to answer in obedience. It’s common courtesy when someone calls you that you answer or at least call them back as soon as possible. The more important the call the quicker your answer should be unless your heart has changed.

Today check your heart. If for whatever reason your heart has become hard ask God to make it soft again so you can hear God again. Jesus is the telephone man and he wants to restore your connection back to God.

Dear God,

Please turn my heart of stone back to a heart of flesh. Make my ears sensitive to your call. I want to hear your voice again. Forgive me for not heeding your call. I was stuck in my feelings but now I hear you. I’m ready to answer your call. Here am I send me. 

In Jesus Name,



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