“But I will stay on at Ephesus until Pentecost, because a great door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many who oppose me.” 1 Corinthians 16:8-9 NIV

There is an open door that God has provided for you to do an effective work, but there are also some people trying to block you from getting in. You have to make up your mind by asking yourself, “Do I go through the door or focus on my opposition?”

The apostle Paul knew that he had a mission to accomplish. It’s amazing that he said he would remain in Ephesus until Pentecost. Pentecost is the time that we celebrate the Holy Spirit coming to empower every believer. Pentecost is celebrated seven weeks after Easter. God doesn’t open up some doors until you open up to the Holy Ghost.

Paul waited for Pentecost and said that God had an open door, effective work, and many adversaries.

  1. An open door. There is an opportunity that God has for each of us but it must be seen through the lens of the Holy Spirit. Every invitation is not from God so you need the Holy Spirit to recognize when God is opening a door for you. It’s like the game show “Let’s Make a Deal.” You are going to need some help, not from the studio audience, but from the Holy Spirit to know which door to select.
  2. Effective work. If it’s from God it will be effective. Effectiveness is the capability of producing a desired result or the ability to produce desired output. When something is deemed effective, it means it has an intended or expected outcome, or produces a deep, vivid impression. If you can’t see a productive outcome then this might not be a door God opened for you. Successful people work with the end in mind. If the outcome doesn’t have a desirable ending don’t go through the door.
  3. Many adversaries or much opposition. If you don’t have people opposing you then you must not be trying to accomplish much. Whenever you have position you will always have opposition. It comes with the territory. But this is not a reason for you not to go through the door. Greater are those who are with you than those who are against you. That’s why it’s important to attend to your Pentecost before deal with your opposition. If you are not filled with the Holy Spirit you will allow opposition to keep you from advancing through your open door and doing effective work. 

After Jesus had fasted and prayed for forty days and nights he came back from the wilderness full of the Holy Spirit. He preached about his open door to preach good news to the poor, setting the captives free, and reaching Gentiles. He gave his vision of the open door! They tried to throw him off the cliff because they opposed his vision but the Bible says that Jesus walked through the crowd because it was not his time to die.

If God opened the door can’t nobody stop you from walking through and being effective. If people are not walking in purpose they are standing in the way! When you see your open door and your adversaries standing between you and your purpose tell them to move!

Dear God,

Thank you for my open door. I’m ready to walk in and do some effective work for your kingdom. I’m not going to let anybody stop me from waking in my purpose. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and accomplish what you sent me to do.

In Jesus’ Name!