Rejoice, you people of Jerusalem! Rejoice in the LORD your God! For the rain he sends demonstrates his faithfulness. Once more the autumn rains will come, as well as the rains of spring. The threshing floors will again be piled high with grain, and the presses will overflow with new wine and olive oil.” Joel 2:23-24 NLT

Rejoice! It means to have joy all over again. Christmas is a time for Christians to be joyful again as we reflect upon God’s re-entry into the world through Jesus.

Just as the Angels told the shepherds to rejoice because the messiah had come, so today God tells hard working people living in dark times to “Rejoice!” But why?

  1. God’s about to make it rain again. For some of us we have experienced a drought and wondered if God would ever let it rain again. Not only is it going to rain but God is going to send rain in the harvest time and spring. It’s going to rain as you are bringing in this year’s harvest and when you are planting the one for next year. This shows God’s consistency. But this also requires us to be faithful in seedtime and harvest time. The rain represents God’s blessings that are headed your way.
  2. The threshing floors will once again be filled with grain. Don’t miss this! After God separates what’s real from what can’t be used you will have more of what’s real than you have that God had to shake away. Many of us have been threshed and thought we wouldn’t have anything left but God said, “the threshing room floor will be filled with grain!”
  3. Your vats will overflow with new wine and new oil. There’s new anointing and new people that God are going to send to the point where overflow will be a good problem you will have to contend with. You are going to have to figure out where to put the overflow again!

Joy and pain, sunshine and rain…these are necessary to help you grow again.

Dear God,

Thank you for Ups and my downs. Thank you for correcting me when I was wrong and Giving me the chance to re-Start, re-build, re-boot, re-grow, and re-Joice ! I receive the overflow!

In Jesus Name,