“Restore us, O Lord, and bring us back to you again! Give us back the joys we once had!”

Lamentations 5:21 NLT

You can always tell when you’ve been out of God’s presence for too long. Everything seems to be working against you. You are out of sync. The longer we are away the easier it is to stay away. We get used to being out of touch with God even though we miss him.

The writer of Lamentations grieves the fact that God’s presence is no longer in Jerusalem. The people forgot about God and God allowed their gates to be broken down and taken over by the enemy.

Many of us are in dire straights because we walked away from God and it left us in a vulnerable position. We’ve lost some things. We’ve been under attack. But now it’s time to get it back. It’s time for restoration!

  1. Restoration begins when we come back to God. Notice that the writer says, “Lord bring us back to you!” We first have to cry out to God to assist us in the restoration process. Shame has a way of making us think God doesn’t want us back and guilt can make us hide from God and his people, but when we realize that we are not in his presence we have to cry out and ask God to bring us back. When Absalom murdered his brother out of revenge for raping his sister he fled from the Kingdom. He couldn’t come back until his father David the King summoned Him. The Holy Ghost is summoning you to come back to be restored. The Holy Spirit is calling you back to church so you can be restored to your faith community.
  2. Give us back the joy we once had. After King David had committed adultery and murder God sent a prophet to him to show him the error of his ways. David was convicted of his evil and repented. In his prayer he asked God to “restore the joy of his salvation!” We all remember what it felt like when we first gave our hearts to Jesus. It was one of the purest, most powerful and peaceful moments in my life. I wanted to tell the world about Jesus! Then I messed up, over and over and over again. 

Somewhere in my exile the Holy Spirit caught up with me and reminded me that God still loved me. He reminded me that nothing  and nobody could separate me from the love of God. God restored me and he can do the same thing for you. It’s time to come home and be restored.

Dear Lord here I am.

Lord please have mercy on me.

I left your side.

So now I’m making my plea.

I try to pretend that everything is okay.

But I knew in my heart I’d do better Lord.

Running around in circles of sin.

Lord I chose you before and now I choose you again.


Lord I know that I’ve gone way too far for way too long. Please restore me. Restore my faith. Restore my joy. Restore my relationships. Restore my finances. Restore the joy of my salvation.

In Jesus’ Name,