“Your bragging isn’t good! Don’t you know that a tiny grain of yeast makes a whole batch of dough rise? Clean out the old yeast so you can be a new batch of dough, given that you’re supposed to be unleavened bread. Christ our Passover lamb has been sacrificed, so let’s celebrate the feast with the unleavened bread of honesty and truth, not with old yeast or with the yeast of evil and wickedness.” 1 Corinthians 5:6-8 CEB

It’s amazing how one person can mess up an entire organization. I was watching the news this morning and Dez Bryant has yet to find a new team. He was at one time one of the premier players on “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys, but he became a cancer in the locker room. Now nobody wants him because he’s a detriment to the team.
The apostle Paul talks about a man in the Corinthian church who is having sex with his father’s wife and the church knows about it! This detrimental behavior has spread through the congregation without any consequence and it has set up a mentality that anything goes. When there is unchecked sin, it spreads through the whole body.
Paul says a little yeast affects the whole loaf! We have to do something to protect the body.
  1. Get rid of the old yeast so that you can become a new batch of dough. Whenever my grandmother made bread I always liked to watch her as she sprinkled flour on her wooden board to roll the fresh dough around so she could make the bread. The thing about fresh dough is that it is pliable and you can work with it. And when she put yeast in it the dough would rise. God wants bread without yeast. He wants humble bread. When pride gets in the dough, when disobedience gets in the dough, when dishonor gets in the dough it becomes unmanageable. We have to remove the “old yeast” that’s messing up the new dough.
  2. Mark those amongst you that cause division and have nothing to do with them. When you discover who it is that is messing up the bread by being messy then you have to remove him or her. Sometimes it’s the people closest to you. This man’s son was sleeping with his wife! We have to put people in check before they further infect.
  3. Make sure your bread is filled with honesty and truth. Where there is the absence of conflict there is deception. Nobody in the Corinthian church was speaking truth or being honest with the man sleeping with his father’s wife! They were more concerned about preserving the relationship than making sure the church was healthy.
We have to check our hearts and our influence to make sure we aren’t bringing yeast into the loaf. If we really love each other then we will be truthful and honest to those who we are in relationship with when their behavior threatens to destroy the integrity of the organization, the church, or the family.
Who do you need to go speak to in order to protect the integrity of your house? It’s not enough to gossip and talk to other people about what’s wrong. Have you had a conversation with the one person you know that is cancerous to your organization? Have you searched your heart for any yeast you may have added to the recipe?

Dear God

Search my heart and if you find anything in me that may cause my church, my team, my family to become toxic, take it out right now. I want you to clean house of everything and everybody that does not mean me any good. Give me the courage to be truthful and honest with every person that I’m in relationship with so that I will not contribute to our downfall. Lord, clean my house!
In Jesus’ Name!