“In that day I will restore the fallen house of David. I will repair its damaged walls. From the ruins I will rebuild it and restore its former glory.”

Amos 9:11 NLT


We all reach a point when we need some R&R; rest and relaxation! Life can wear us down without even knowing it. We owe it to ourselves to take time to pull over so that God can pour back into us.

There are also some times when we need some R, R &R: restoration, repair, and rebuilding. The first has to do with our inner man and the second has to do with our outward circumstances.

Our communities are under attack. Much of our drama stems from us being out of alignment with God. As a result our communities have been under siege and our neighborhoods torn down.

The good news is that God doesn’t stay angry forever. He loves us enough to hear us when we are under attack. He promised Israel three things that I think can translate to others:

  1. I will restore the fallen house of David. Because we have royalty inside our DNA through Jesus, God promises to restore what belongs to us. Our God has left us an inheritance and he wants to restore it to us. A friend told me that when you fall from greatness it doesn’t take you long to get back up to where you were because you’re familiar with the terrain! You’re getting it back! God wants to restore your former glory!
  2. God is repairing what you’re getting back. What you have gotten back has a strong foundation it just needs some repairing. Whether it’s a relationship or a physical building God wants to repair the damage!
  3. God wants to rebuild. Some things were so damaged that God wants to rebuild. It’s going to look better than before!! This requires vision. You have to see better for yourself. Imagine a new look for old things. 

Dear God,

I need some rest and relaxation so that you can restore, repair, and rebuild! I know that you’re not through with me or your church. Do a new thing in us that we might give you glory even as you restore our former glory.

In Jesus’ Name,