“When a crime is not punished quickly, people feel it is safe to do wrong.”

Ecclesiastes 8:11 NLT

Enough is enough! When your President doesn’t open his mouth to condemn white supremacy and domestic terrorism there’s a problem. A young woman was killed and 19 more injured when white supremacists gathered in Charlottesville, VA. Donald Trump generalized this horrific act as people showing hate and bigotry but did not denounce white supremacy. Where is the outrage? Where is the FBI? Where is the National Guard?

His alt-right, racist base has been emboldened to come out in broad daylight and at night without hoods to terrorize minorities.

In Collierville, Tennessee, the community where I live; Pastor Jason Mitchell’s truck was spray painted with the words, “F#%# N#%*^#%”  while he was playing basketball in Collierville High School. Where are the news cameras? Where is the FBI?

When a crime is not punished people think it’s safe to do wrong. I’ve got news! It ain’t safe no more! It’s not safe anymore to sell drugs in our community. It’s not safe anymore to bully our kids in school. It’s not safe anymore to target hard working latinos and blacks. It’s not safe anymore to terrorize people simply because their skin is black or brown. We will not stand for it!

  1. We will not close our eyes to injustice. Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act (Proverbs 3:27). It’s time for us to organize ourselves and act. There will be a city-wide training for community organizing on October 28 at Lindenwood Christian Church. 
  2. If you don’t say anything you are just as guilty as the person who’s doing it. There are plenty of black pastors and latino pastors speaking out against racism but what are our white pastors saying from their pulpits? Don’t go to their churches and assimilate, drinking coffee if they aren’t speaking truth about racism. Silence is consent. 
  3. We must hold people accountable! Even Paul got into Peter’s face when he was acting like a bigot! Later, when Peter came to Antioch, I had a face-to-face confrontation with him because he was clearly out of line. Here’s the situation. Earlier, before certain persons had come from James, Peter regularly ate with the non-Jews. But when that conservative group came from Jerusalem, he cautiously pulled back and put as much distance as he could manage between himself and his non-Jewish friends. That’s how fearful he was of the conservative Jewish clique that’s been pushing the old system of circumcision. Unfortunately, the rest of the Jews in the Antioch church joined in that hypocrisy so that even Barnabas was swept along in the charade (Galatians 2:11-13).

We cannot sit idle while our country is being led by a President that encourages police brutality and white supremacy. We cannot remain quiet if we claim to be followers of Christ. If you believe that we are all children of God and you don’t see skin color, then open your mouth and speak up for your black and brown sisters.

In the meantime, we will not sit by and let this injustice go unnoticed. We will pray. We will organize through organizations like MICAH, and we will put action with our faith! It ain’t safe no more. The Kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it by force!

Dear God,

Awaken your people with a righteous indignation. We will not remain silent against these racist attacks. Give us Holy boldness to go to our politicians and demand that they punish those who terrorize innocent people just because of their race. Father you are a God of the oppressed. Hear our cry and liberate us from poverty and racism. Break the chains of oppression and save your people from violence. Enough is enough! The summer has ended. The harvest has passed and my people are still not safe from racism. Father help us to help us!

In Jesus’ Name!