Romans 11:19 “It’s certainly possible to say, “Other branches were pruned so that I could be grafted in!” Well and good. But they were pruned because they were deadwood, no longer connected by belief and commitment to the root. The only reason you’re on the tree is because your graft “took” when you believed, and because you’re connected to that belief-nurturing root. So don’t get cocky and strut your branch. Be humbly mindful of the root that keeps you lithe and green.”

A young lady asked me if she should hold on to a friend that has repeatedly let her down. I told her that when people show you who they are you have to believe it. At some point you have to cut people or dead branches off.

Dr. Henry Cloud said in his book, “Necessary Endings,” that in relationships there comes a time for necessary endings. There are times of pruning. Pruning is a process of proactive endings.

The Gardener cuts off three kinds of branches for the health of the tree:

  1. Healthy buds or branches that are not the best. Some plants have enough life and resources to feed and nurture only so many buds to their full potential. You can’t have a bunch of people in your life especially when they are draining your resources.
  2. Sick branches that are not going to get well. Some people are sick emotionally and when they are connected to you can make you sick.
  3. Dead branches that are taking up space needed for healthy ones to thrive. There are some branches that are dead and taking up space preventing healthy branches from spreading forcing them to bend and turn corners when they should be growing straight for the goal.

We are branches that have been grafted into a healthy tree. Jesus is the Gardener. The tree is God’s Kingdom. Other people were broken off because of their unbelief. The only thing that keeps us grafted in is:

  1. Belief–Jesus told them, “This is the only work God wants from you: Believe in the one he has sent. John 6:29
  2. Commitment to the root. It is the root that supplies the nutrients to the branch. Jesus said, “I am the Vine or the root, unless you abide in me you cannot produce fruit. ” you must be connected to the root to produce fruit. Whenever a branch disconnects it’s time to cut it off.

When a branch gets too cocky and thinks it no longer needs the root that is when it gets cut off. God is patient. He puts up with more than we do but even he has a cut off point.

Jesus is a friend that sticks closer than any brother. That is why you’re still connected because if he were a regular friend he would’ve cut us off already. Our motto is: “It Ain’t Nothing to Cut that Branch Off!” For Jesus it took a lot to graft you in so it will take a lot for him to cut you off but pride will get you cut off quick. Stay humble, stay committed, and stay connected.


Dear God,

Thank you for connecting me. I should have been cut off but you kept me. Show me in my own relationships who I need to keep and who I need to cut off. I only have so many resources to reach my goal and I don’t need anyone blocking me. Cut off those that are blocking and graft in those that are blessing.

In Jesus Name,