Acts 18:6 But they worked against Paul and said bad things about him. He shook his clothes and said, “Whatever happens to you is your own doing. I am free from your guilt. From now on I will go to the people who are not Jews.”

Once people show you who they are please believe it. We can spend a lot of time trying to love people who don’t want to be loved. Our energies are better served on people who want to receive what God has given us. Please be clear on whom God has made you responsible for.

  1. Speak truth in love to your people. Paul tried to teach the Gospel to his own people first. Charity starts at home. You hope those closest to you get it but sometimes those closest to you can’t get past you. A prophet has no honor in his own hometown or amongst his own people.
  2. They insulted Paul and treated him bad. It’s not surprising that everybody will not appreciate what you have to say. When people abuse you then it’s clear you are not called to them.
  3. Shake the dust from your robe. Paul didn’t let their offenses rest in him. You have to brush the dirt off your soldier. You don’t have to carry their dirt.
  4. Be clear on your responsibility. You are free from their guilt. Once you speak truth in love and people reject your message shift your energy to people who are receptive. Don’t get stuck in abusive relationships.
  5. Teach people who are not abusive but are receptive. Paul shifted his attention to the Gentiles. There is a group of people waiting on your gifts. Stop focusing on people who don’t get you and pour out to people who appreciate the gift that God has put inside of you.

Dear God,

I’m clear that you sent me to the marginalized and hurting people who are looking for good news. I did not come to entertain church people. I’m clear! I am shaking off every insult, rebounding from rejection, and walking in my purpose. There’s too much for me to do to get stuck listening to ignorant people and chasing people who don’t want to be loved. I’m clear on my responsibility. I must do the work of him who sent me while it is day for when night comes no man will be able to work. I’m clear!

In Jesus Name,