“and the satraps, prefects, governors and royal advisers crowded around them. They saw that the fire had not harmed their bodies, nor was a hair of their heads singed; their robes were not scorched, and there was no smell of fire on them.” Daniel 3:27 (NIV)

I talked to an 8-yr-old girl recently at our new members candle light dinner. She surprised me because she insisted on sitting at my table. She opened her mouth and her two front teeth were missing. I said, “Did the tooth fairy leave you some money?” She said, “Yes, $5, but I can’t lose anymore because he doesn’t have enough money.” She then went on and said, “Pastor, I’ve been through so many struggles in my life (her words not mine), my mother and I lost everything in the fire. All my mama’s stuff was burnt up. She doesn’t even have a bed to sleep in. We sleep on the floor but we did get a new house. It’s small but it’s ours.” She then went on to ask me, “Can I pray for you?” I said, “Sure!” She prayed, “Dear God, watch my pastor’s back. Keep his back. Lead him back. Help us to have his back. Don’t let him fall back. Cover his back as we pray for his back. In Jesus’ name, Amen!”

Looking at this sweet little girl with tears in my eyes and my mouth wide open, I heard so much wisdom and optimism in spite of her pain. She didn’t look like what she had been through.

The three Hebrew boys had each other’s back and they knew God had their back. They were given a mandate to bow down and worship the king’s golden statue or be thrown in the fiery furnace.

They told the king they could not in good conscience worship a statue. They told him that their God was able to save them from the fiery furnace but even if he didn’t they still wouldn’t bow down.

Do we have that kind of unrelenting faith? Can we face death holding on to our convictions? Or do we give in under pressure? These three young men refused to bow down and worship an idol god. They were thrown into a furnace so hot that it killed the men that threw them in.  They were tied up in extra clothing and the fire was extra hot. There’s no way they could survive.

They threw three of them in there but they saw four men walking around loose in the bottom of the furnace. When they called them out they didn’t look like what they had been through.

  1. The fire had not harmed their bodies. What we went through should have left some indelible reminders of what we narrowly escaped but God fixed so that people can’t visibly see what happened to you. You might have some scars but only you and God know what they mean. They are not reminders of your pain but rather the miracle of your deliverance.
  2. Their hair was not singed. Your hair represents your glory. God didn’t allow your glory to be tarnished. As a matter of fact God got glory out of what your survived. God kept your head crowned in glory even coming through a fire.
  3. Their robes were not scorched. The intensity of the heat should have melted what they had on but God has the ability to make you flame retardant. My friend Pastor Jason Mitchell’s church caught on fire yesterday. The fire destroyed the fellowship hall but didn’t touch the sanctuary because of the firewall. The fire couldn’t touch the fellowship of the three Hebrew boys because of who they worshipped before the fire. They had a firewall in Jesus!
  4. There was no smell of fire on them. Pastor Mitchell told me that even though the fire didn’t touch the sanctuary a door was left open and the smell of smoke got in the sanctuary. Sometimes just the exposure to smoke gets in our clothes but the three Hebrew boys didn’t even smell like smoke. God will fix it to where people won’t even know what you’ve been exposed to. It’s none of their business! 

We’ve had some struggles but through prayer God has had our backs. You don’t look like, sound like, or smell like what you’ve been through and for that you should give God glory!


Dear God,

Thank you that you took me through all of my struggles. I may not have have everything I want but I got everything I need. Than you for preserving me in the fire. After the fire I believe that you will promote me just like you did the three young men. Give us the courage to be uncompromising in our convictions knowing that you have our backs!

In Jesus’ name,