“So Daniel prospered during the reign of Darius and the reign of Cyrus the Persian.” Daniel 6:28 NLT

There are many people still anxious about our President elect. I heard story after story last night of immigrants, students, women, and minorities who are concerned that this racial climate in America has heightened toward persecuting the least of these.

One young lady who was a Latino immigrant was the first to graduate from a college in her family. She is a Christian who works for “Streets” ministries. She spoke of her fear and other young Latinos that all of their dreams will be shattered with racial rhetoric and regressive legislation.

We met last night to reignite hope that if minorities come together with the help of God we will be the new majority. With God’s help we can prosper under persecution.  How?

Daniel was a Jewish exile in Babylon. He served under two foreign Kings without compromising his faith or his culture and still prospered.

There were some legislators that didn’t like the fact that this minority had so much authority so they changed the law knowing the only way they could catch him in the wrong was to change the law concerning his religion. One Muslim student from The Bridges organization told us that the beginning of Genocide is Classification. If we classify all Muslims in America through a register then we are in the beginning stages of genocide. Christians and Jews would be next.

They changed the law to state that if anyone prayed to any one else other then the King himself they would be thrown in the lions’ den. Here’s the problem and also the prescription to prospering under persecution.

  1. Daniel was faithful, always responsible, and completely trustworthy. They wanted to find something on Daniel because they were prejudiced and bitter about this minority having so much authority but his character kept him from their jealousy. We must live such good lives that those who speak ill of us will be put to shame.
  2. He prayed three times a day before and after the new legislation. You don’t change your faith patterns because of persecution. If anything you pray more! When I read this something quickened in my spirit. He prayed three times a day with the windows open! How many times a day do you pray?
  3. He accepted the consequence of his faith and trusted God in a lions’ den! Many of us want the promise of prosperity but want to avoid the persecution. As Christians we are called to die! At the least it is our privilege to be considers worthy to suffer for the sake of Christ. Many times persecution precedes prosperity. Sometimes we die without receiving our earthly reward but either way we have to believe in God’s ability to deliver and be willing to die if necessary.

All night long the King himself fasted and prayed for Daniel. Why?! Because he saw Daniel’s character. He knew Daniel had gifts. He was I danger of losing someone who was an indispensable lynchpin in his administration. When you are an indispensable employee your boss will be fighting for you in the spirit!

The next morning the king came looking for Daniel in the Lion’s den. Daniel told him that God had watched over him all night long and shut the mouths of the lions. Then the King ordered everybody who lied on Daniel along with their entire families, women, and children to be fed to the same lions. The evil that others plan for you will be used against them!

The king changed the legislation to read, that anybody that prayed to any God other than Daniel’s God they would be thrown in the lion’s den.” Our focus going forward is to not feel sorry for ourselves because of evil and racist legislators but rather focusing on our character development, strengthening our faith, and persevering under persecution to change unjust legislation. This is how we prosper under persecution!

Dear God,

Keep me faithful in the face of threats from racist legislation. Help us to use our faith to change unjust laws. Give us the courage to put our lives on the line for what we believe in. Prosper your people regardless of who’s in the Whitehouse. You are still on the throne! We will continue to pray to you more asking for your help. We will not give up until we go up. We have no permanent friends or enemies in politics just permanent interest. We do however have an enduring faith in an eternal God who hears the cries of his people. Thank you for prospering us under persecution.

In Jesus Name,