Psalm 128:1-4 Everyone who honors the Lord,who walks in God’s ways, is truly happy! You will definitely enjoy what you’ve worked hard for—you’ll be happy; and things will go well for you. In your house, your wife will be like a vine full of fruit.All around your table, your children will be like olive trees, freshly planted. That’s how it goes for anyone who honors the Lord:they will be blessed!

definition: full house

1. an audience, or a group of people attending a meeting, that fills the venue for the event to capacity.
2. a poker hand with three of a kind and a pair, beating a flush and losing to four of a kind.

I don’t know anybody who doesn’t appreciate a full house. From the preacher to the gambler each hopes at some point that they experience a full house. A full house is defined as either reaching maximum capacity at a venue or having a hand that beats a flush. It was also a show about three men raising the Olson twins. (Three of a kind and a pair)

In Oder for us to experience the fullness of life in our own homes we need three of a kind. We need the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit along with two or three touching and agreeing. That’s when Jesus promises to show up and be in the midst. That’s a full house!

The prescription for a full house begins with:

1. Honoring God by walking in his ways. This verse mirrors Psalm 1 when it says “Blessed is the man or Happy is the one who meditates on God’s word.” This verse takes it further by saying “walks in God’s way.” Not only should we meditate on God’s word but we should walk in his ways then we will be truly happy. Most people don’t have a full house because they are half way walking with God.

2. You will enjoy the fruits of your labor and things will go well for you. If a man does not work he does not eat. If a man does not follow God he will not enjoy what he eats. Only what you do for Christ will last. How many people can say that they really love what they do? How many people are able to go home and enjoy the fullness of what God has provided? When our ways are pleasing to God he will fulfill the desires of our hearts. That is a full house. It’s not the capacity of material things but rather the contentment of things God provides. It’s the celebration of the sustainability that God provides.

3. Your family will be blessed. Your wife will be like a spreading grapevine. The wife becomes a proverbs 31 woman. Your spouse will be fruitful. If you’re a single person God will make you fruitful in anticipation of the one coming to enjoy your fruit! Your children will be like Olive shoots planted around your table. It’s amazing to watch my sons sitting around the table doing homework. I get to peek into their future as their passions and purpose unfold. When you have a full house everybody in there becomes productive and fruitful.

Question: What does that look like in your house? What does a full house look like in your business? What does a full house look like in church?

Dear God,

Help me to walk the way you want me to walk so that I can experience a full house. God unless you build this house I’m building it in vain. I need your help to build a full house that is sustained by your grace.

In Jesus Name,