bible-headphonesPsalm 19:7-8 “The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple. The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart. The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes.”

So many people are very conscious of the ingredients in food before they eat. There is a move for organic foods free of toxins and food that has not been processed. The food you eat ought to make you healthy not sick.

There is one thing we should consume daily if we want to stay healthy; it is God Word! A word a day keeps the devil away! Look at some of the health benefits:

  1. Soul. The Law of the Lord is perfect; it refreshes the soul. Sometimes our souls get weary with all of life’s challenges and we need refreshing. God speaks a fresh word through his daily word. We just have to listen.
  2. Mind. God’s law makes the simple wise. Common sense ain’t common but the more we study God’s word the wiser we become!
  3. Heart. God’s precepts bring joy to the heart. God gives us rules to live by so that the Joy that’s available we can access. Jesus said, “I’ve come that you might have life more abundantly!” He is the living word and in his presence there is fullness of joy!
  4. Eyes. God’s word helps our eyes. David said that the word of God was a lamp to our feet and a light to our pathway. Jesus said our eyes are the lamp to the whole body. If our eyes were dark then our whole body would be full of darkness.

Today if you want to be healthier take time to take your daily dose of God’s word.

Dear God,

Thank you for restoring my mind, body, and soul through your Holy Word. I know that my life is better because you are still speaking to me through your Holy Word. Speak to my heart, let your word abide, and your spirit God.”

In Jesus Name,