Psalm 144:7 Reach all the way from sky to sea: pull me out of the ocean of hate, out of the grip of those barbarians Who lie through their teeth, who shake your hand then knife you in the back.

Life can be overwhelming at times. Sometimes you feel like you are like Tom Cruise on Castaway alone in a vast ocean trying to make it back it to your loved ones on a rag…gedy raft. The people you thought you could depend on have presumed you dead. The good news is that God kept you alive and reached down to rescue you.

There are people drowning in depression that don’t know how to shake the heaviness of what they are feeling. There are people drowning in debt who don’t know how to get control over their finances. There people drowning in sorrow because there seems to be one thing after another.

The psalmist knew this feeling when he cried out to God and him to reach down to rescue him. It is only when we cry out to God that we are rescued from that which overwhelms us.

1. Pull me out of the Ocean of Hate. When you are going through there seems to be a plethora of people who seem to hate you. Adversity is swirling around your head. We feel like the song writer when he said: I was sinking deep in sin, far from the peaceful shore, Very deeply stained within, sinking to rise no more, But the Master of the sea, heard my despairing cry, From the waters lifted me, now safe am I

2. Pull me out do the grip of those barbarians. We seem to be surrounded by the barbaric these days; unarmed young men being gunned down by police, terrorists beheading innocent civilians, and innocent children being slaughtered by drive-bys. God is the only one who can pull us out of the grip of the barbaric. He does so by changing the nature of our hearts so that we become peacemakers instead of perpetuating war.

3. Pull me out of the presence of people who lie through their teeth. God will expose people who lie on you and pull you out of fellowship with liars. People who lie on you are not part of your family of faith because they belong to the father of lies; the devil. When God pulls you away don’t reconnect with liars.

4. Pull me away from backstabbers. Not only should you be concerned with people who,lie on you but pay close attention to the ones who believe the lie. The reason some people can’t celebrate you in public is because of what they pave said about you in private.

Dear God,

Thank you for lifting me from the waters of my worries. I can breathe again. I’m on my way to solid shores and real relationships. I’m on my way to barns overflowing and an increase of my harvest. From the waters you lifted me, now safe am I.

In Jesus Name,