God uses Birds to see if it’s safe to come out the Box

Genesis 8:6-9 After another forty days, Noah opened the window he had made in the boat and released a raven. The bird flew back and forth until the floodwaters on the earth had dried up. He also released a dove to  | New Living Translation (NLT) | Download The Bible App Now

The Netflix sensation “Birdbox” has been seen my millions of viewers over the holidays. It has mixed reviews. Either you were extremely intrigued or perplexed. I was intrigued.

This apocalyptic movie dealt with an end time virus released by demonic warfare. People were exposed to dark spirits that immediately took hold of their minds and caused them to commit suicide. The only way to protect yourself was to guard your vision.

Sandra Bullock’s character soon discovers that birds are the only creatures that can discern when the spirits are present. She finds two birds in an abandoned store and keeps them in a box to signal to her when the evil spirits are approaching. These birds help her and her children escape the box or the house they thought they’d have to die in.

God decided to destroy the earth not long after he made it. A plague of evil had pretty much corrupted every person on earth. Here’s what Genesis states:

The Lord observed the extent of human wickedness on the earth, and he saw that everything they thought or imagined was consistently and totally evil. So the Lord was sorry he had ever made them and put them on the earth. It broke his heart. And the Lord said, “I will wipe this human race I have created from the face of the earth. Yes, and I will destroy every living thing—all the people, the large animals, the small animals that scurry along the ground, and even the birds of the sky. I am sorry I ever made them.” But Noah found favor with the Lord.
Genesis 6:5-8

God told NOAH to build a large ship to hold his family and two of every kind of animal and seven pairs of birds so that when the flood had destroyed every living thing on the earth they could regenerate.

Inside our churches or our boxes, God has a remnant of regenerative disciples that can repopulate the earth if they ever decide to get out of the box. But we are so traumatized by the evil spirits that we run the risk of never leaving the ship or the box. We are walking around afraid to open our eyes.  The church and the people in the church are dying from lack of vision and a refusal to think outside the box.

It rains for 150 days!! Two months after that the waters recede. Noah opens the windows and let’s a raven out to see if the ground is dry.

1.  Before you get out of the box release a raven before you release a dove. If you release a dove in a hostile environment you might lose your peace. A raven helps you discern whether it’s safe to come out and engage peacefully. Although it is not widely known, the common raven is one of the most intelligent of all birds. The raven’s intelligence is apparent in its ability to communicate a wide range of messages through its call. It can communicate warning, threat, taunting, and cheer to other birds by varying the sound it makes. God sends you warning before destruction. If it’s not safe the raven will send you are warning. Our raven is our amygdala. It registers fight or flight when we sense that there is danger but you only have access to it when you are sober and alert.

2.  Release the dove when the raven says it’s safe. The dove has always represented peace and the presence of the Holy Spirit. When Jesus was baptized the Holy Spirit descended from heaven as a dove as a sign that God had come to save the inhabitants of the earth. In the Old Testament he used a dove to see if it was safe to come out of the box after the flood. In the New Testament he sends the dove to tell the people I’ve sent you a savior so come out of your boxes and repent.  The dove comes back to NOAH because the ground isn’t dry yet. The Holy Spirit will let you know when the ground is ready for you to come out and regenerate. When the ground is ready you have to come out to plant your seed on good ground. Good ground is running into people who have a receptive heart for the Gospel.

3.  Seven days later the dove comes back with an olive branch. This let’s NOAH know that it’s almost time to open the door because the water has receded enough for the dove to bring back an olive branch. The olive branch symbolizes God’s anointing. Anointing oil is made from olive branches. When Jesus prayed he did so in the Mount of Olives or the oil press. You shouldn’t come out of the box until you receive a sign that where you’re going to step out has been anointed by God. You shouldn’t step out until you’re oily! God’s Holy Spirit has to be in you and on you. When God tells you to step out you take the anointing with you. The Holy Spirit is your dove that you take with you as your guide to good ground.

4.  They get out when they dove doesn’t come back. The last time NOAH let’s the dove out he doesn’t come back because the ground is ready for them to come out. God doesn’t want us to stay in the box or the church when the dove 🕊 doesn’t come back. We’ve become addicted to churches that get caught up in dove entertainment. We are addicted to ecstatic worship experiences but never come out of the box to explore new life in the neighborhoods surrounding our churches. So what God does is order the dove to not come back to the ship so you will get out of the box and regenerate the earth!
I believe that God wants us to get out of the “Bird Box” take off our blind folds and regenerate the earth by making disciples of Christ and doing the work of social justice.

Jesus said it best:

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for he has anointed me to bring Good News to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim that captives will be released, that the blind will see, that the oppressed will be set free, and that the time of the Lord’s favor has come.”
Luke 4:18-19