“God has sent me ahead of you to keep you and your families alive and to preserve many survivors. So it was God who sent me here, not you! And he is the one who made me an adviser to Pharaoh—the manager of his entire palace and the governor of all Egypt.”
Genesis 45:7-8 NLT

We often don’t understand why we have to go through what we go through. Life can be so hard especially when we experience betrayal.

The word betrayal is defined as:

 to lead astray; especially : seduce

to deliver to an enemy by treachery

to fail or desert especially in time of need

to reveal, unintentionally betray one’s true feelings; to disclose in violation of confidence betray a secret

Joseph was betrayed by his brothers. They sold him into slavery! His big brothers sold him for 30 pieces of silver to some strange men as he begged for his life. They then went home and lied to their father saying a wild animal attacked him.

Twenty years later his brothers came to Egypt looking for food during a famine. They had no idea that the man they would have to purchase grain from was their own brother they had betrayed. Joseph had changed so much that they didn’t even recognize him but he recognized them.

Joseph tried to withhold his identity, but when they begged him not to keep his little brother Benjamin as a slave and how it would break their father’s heart, he could no longer hide his identity. Joseph broke down crying so loud the Egyptians heard Him outside!

““Please, come closer,” he said to them. So they came closer. And he said again, “I am Joseph, your brother, whom you sold into slavery in Egypt. But don’t be upset, and don’t be angry with yourselves for selling me to this place. It was God who sent me here ahead of you to preserve your lives.” Genesis‬ ‭45:4-5‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Joseph reminds us that God doesn’t waste pain!

  1. The people that betrayed you actually blessed you. When God has purpose on your life what other people mean for your bad God works out for your good.
  2. God will send you ahead of the people who betrayed you. They didn’t fire you they freed you. They didn’t divorce you they delivered you. They didn’t break up with you they bettered you. That traumatic event helped you to develop into a stronger version of yourself.
  3. God will use your pain for the saving of many lives. Joseph saved his entire family from a famine; 66 people! They would later become the nation of Israel. Think of our ancestors who endured slavery in America only for us to become the strong, viable people we are today. Your pain today will save a nation tomorrow! Your children’s children need you to endure so don’t you dare give up!!


Dear God,

Thank you for turning my pain into purpose. It hurt me when they betrayed me but it made me stronger! I know now that you used my pain to send me to Memphis for the saving of many lives! I was never supposed to fit in. I was picked out to be picked on so you could perfect my purpose. Bless every person who’s been betrayed. Help them to see that you are working it out for their good. Let this be the year that they see the benefit of their betrayal. Make a banquet table in the presence of their enemies. Don’t let bitterness set in their hearts. Help them to get better and to realize that you turned pain into purpose!

In Jesus’ Name,