Exodus 4:19 Now the Lord had said to Moses in Midian, “Go back to Egypt, for all those who wanted to kill you are dead.”

In this New Year God has put this though of “Never Go Back” heavy on my Spirit! Dr. Henry Cloud’s book of the same name says there are some things we should never go back to. The first thing he said was, never go back to what hasn’t worked unless something is different. There’s some place that you had to leave because if you would have stayed you would’ve died. The crazy thing is that now God is calling you to go back to a place to set some people free. God will never send you back unless something or somebody is different.

Moses had fled Egypt 40 years prior to God meeting him at a burning bush. Moses had murdered an Egyptian for mistreating a Hebrew slave. Even though Moses was adopted by Pharaoh as a baby when he became a man Moses could not stand to see his people oppressed. He ran for his life.

God caught up with him 40 years later and says, “Go back because the people that wanted to kill you are dead!” That’s powerful! God is telling us that it’s safe to go back and do the most challenging thing you’ve ever done before because

1. The people who wanted to kill you are a non-factor. The people who wanted to kill you can’t bother you anymore. They are no longer relevant. Don’t be afraid to go back and do what God has called you to do when the people you were threatened by are no longer relevant.

2. They are not in power especially since you have been empowered. God told Moses I will give you what to say. Tell them “I AM! Sent you.” Moses was going back with God’s miracles, signs, and wonders.

3. God is sending you back with some help. Moses told God he was the wrong candidate to speak truth to power because he had a stutter problem. God sent Aaron his brother who was a priest to meet him. When God sends you back he will send somebody who is strong where you are weak.

4. When you go back God will send you with a staff. This staff was to assist Moses in the miraculous. It was an ordinary tool of a shepherd but God used it in miraculous ways. It became a snake when he threw it down but turned back in a tool when he put his hands on it. Your staff can either become venomous or useful depending on whether you throw them down or pick them up. Keep your hands on your staff.

This is the year that you go back and set your people free. You can go back because the people who tried to kill you are dead. They are no longer relevant. On your way out God will make your enemies bless you. It’s time for the Big Payback when you go back because the ones who tried to hold you back are dead!

Dear God,

Thank you for giving me victory when I went back. The old me is dead and gone. I’m headed in a New Direction from the inside out. The enemy I saw in the mirror of introspection is gone. The people that said I wouldn’t make it are dead to me. I’m ready to go get everything that belongs to me. I receive the transfer. The wealth of the wicked is about ready to be transferred to the righteous!! Thank you for sending me back to reap the harvest.

In Jesus Name,